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    Thanks, all! Yeah, I'll probably try to work in some purple/burgundy... though I'll keep it muted. I'm finding it hard to justify having strong versions of those colors in any of the possible materials.

    Well, apparently I get distracted pretty easily because this past weekend I started on another project. A while back I began painting the Child Thief from TKS but just couldn't get into it. Part of it was that the face didn't have the youthful look I thought the subject needed. Anyway, it got put to the side and I didn't expect to ever get back to it. More recently I've been wanting to do a figure based on a character from Critical Role. I knew they were ending the first campaign, so I thought it best to wait and pick a character from the new one. Unfortunately the new characters they picked aren't even close to any of the minis out there (in 54mm or 75mm at least). But something about the Child Thief figure's pose and look got me thinking about one of the characters. I decided to strip it and attempt to convert the piece. I've done some minor conversions, so this is by far the most ambitious sculpting/converting project I've taken on. I'm redoing almost all of the clothing. There's a lot that will be going into a coat he wears. Just started on that and have a ways to go. Redid some body details and added a tail and horns to turn him into a tiefling. I'm using armatures for those, you can still see that for the unfinished horn. Still plenty of details to add and then that's the whole issue of painting! Given my minimal sculpting skills the end result might not be competition worthy... but it should still be a fun project. And gotta try in order to learn. I'd definitely like to build my confidence so I can try more stuff like this in the future.
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    Piece by piece the tiefling is coming together. I have a special talent for accidentally sticking my finger into uncured putty, so I've got to wait for each section to harden before I move on to the next. I just finished up the second horn and boy where they pains in the butt. Just sculpting them in general was tough, but then on top of that I've got to make them symmetric (or at least pretty close). Glad to be done with that part. I'll be going back in to add some small details to the horns, but that should be much simpler.
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    The coat is nearly finished. I've got to add a hood hanging down his back and then I'll move on to the sleeves. There are also some sections I want to clean up, so I'll see what I can do with those.

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    Nice concept and it is cool to see you moving outside your comfort zone.

    Note: yeah, I am no longer blacklisted like I was a few days ago when I tried to comment.

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    Petrol station gloves are your friend when sculpting (er that’s gas to you lot even though it is a liquid?!?)
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    Bloody brilliant sir! You have far too much talent...share some with us peasant painters won't you m'lord?? lol the mini looks great! way better than the original! And the sculpting of the horns looks as symmetrical as symmetrical gets! BUT WORK ON THE BIKE!!!!
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    Too many projects to be intrigued for!!!! Stop it pls! hahahaha
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    Dave I said this already to you but I’ll def say it again. Is there anything you can’t do... presidency next, maybe. gorgeous work.

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    by cricky, so many projects

    this one looks really cool, very interesting mini. you are doing a great job on the sculpting.
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    Looking great mate, coincidentally I have that same talent for putting my finger in green stuff that's not dry yet, seems silly when we're used to avoiding wet paint while painting but I've also had to start doing tiny bits at a time or I just end up squishing the earlier parts

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    Thanks, all!

    I finished up the rest of the conversion work and then, this past weekend, started doing some of the painting.

    Just began work on the shirt. I expect I'll finish that up next and then do the inside of the coat so I can eventually do the legs. Oh, and for anyone not used to work on 75mm figures, here's another shot that gives you a better sense of scale for how big the piece is.

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    Well, that is different from the other versions of this figure I’ve seen.

    That is a gorgeous purple Bails. Following on the edge of my seat

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    Divine intervention. As if god moves the brush himself when bails paints.

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    Moving right along with the tiefling. There's a ton of clothing detail to paint on this guy. The coat will be a big undertaking, so I'm starting with the rest of his outfit. I finished off his shirt, did some small details on the vest, and then moved on to the crazy pants. Hopefully this week I can do something a bit simpler and just paint the leather for the belt and boots.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bailey03 View Post
    Moving right along with the tiefling. There's a ton of clothing detail to paint on this guy. The coat will be a big undertaking, so I'm starting with the rest of his outfit. I finished off his shirt, did some small details on the vest, and then moved on to the crazy pants. Hopefully this week I can do something a bit simpler and just paint the leather for the belt and boots.

    Very impressed mate. Diamonds on collar sharp and symmetrical
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    thats looking great, really like the colours. and the free hand is tack sharp. excellent stuff
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    Thanks, 10 and Coyote!

    Mini-Update from last nights painting. I did the leather for the belt, focusing on the texture. I wish I'd made the buckle a bit less bulking when I was sculpting, but too late to fix that now. I'll take a similar approach to the boots, though I expect those to be a bit tougher. More angles to deal with, so there will be a bigger light-dark range to balance along with the texture work.
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    Impressive freehand (so straight!) and also violet colour. I've seen now quite a lot of versions of this figure and I think the horns and tail addition is a great idea to give the sculpt another twist.
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    This is fantastic mate, definitely a unique version of the mini, love the colours, conversions and the freehand. I've also been digging through your thread specifically for the samurai you did a few years back hoping I could decipher the colours used for the skin, no luck working it out but it reminded me how fantastic that looked too

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    Thanks, Maenas and Sicks!

    Sicks, the samurai skin mix Reaper's Volcano Brown (a more neutral brown as opposed to the normal reddish browns I use), Bronzed Skin Shadow, Bronzed Skin, Bronzed Skin Highlight, and Linen White. And, of course, some red, blue, and purple glazes over that for color variation. By the way, I often do the same thing if I can't remember a mix or didn't write it down. Just in addition to the CMON thread, there's also my painting blog. I'd written it down in this post, which is how I just refreshed my own memory about it.

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    Thanks bailey, I checked your blog but went to the article on skin tones you did oops! I can to the conclusion of a more neutral brown too, I've ordered a bust coming ouroboros which is an Asian girl so the tones will likely be lighter but time to consult the paint conversion chart

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