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    Oww thats looking great! such little changes visually but makes such a difference to the demeanor of the count. very nice work. I picked up the Vallejo weathering set with the verdigris rust etc I must have a play, yours look very impressive.

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    The weathering on the two weapons looks amazing. I may have to pick up some these SW acrylics.

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    Quote Originally Posted by fluisterwoud View Post
    The weathering on the two weapons looks amazing. I may have to pick up some these SW acrylics.
    My goodness. I agree, secret weapon should hire you as a spokesman the verdigris is great and that anchor is perfect.

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    There's a wide range of metal cutting pastes and polish that will bring up that sword and anchor nicely
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    Thank you for asking but I don't do commissions.

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    Verdigris and rusty goodness looking really nice Bailey on those minis, definitely adds another dimension to your already exceptional work. (will be checking out the SW paints as well)

    Jumping back a few posts, your Count Melenth bust is probably my favourite piece by you. Truly stunning work that oozes the character and style or classic horror movie posters. Very much looking forward to seeing it complete.

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    Such intriguing effects bud!!! So glad you ent for it?!! Best I’ve seen!!!

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    I know it's been said already, but the rust and verdigris really are stunningly well done!
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    Thanks, everyone! I was a bit concerned when I start about whether or not the effects would look believable. But I am very pleased with how it turned out.

    Not more than an hour of painting time since the last post, so no real progress to show. Still, I snapped a couple of quick pictures (no fancy photo setup) of the orc and dwarf together, how I envision them in the scene. I think they will work very well together. The repainted sections of the dwarf helped to bring it's contrast and overall look in line with the orc. And the light/shadow colors help to tie everything together and look consistent.
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    I'm starting to plan out the scene I want to build for them. In the past few days I've been thinking about the third character for the scene. Likely I'll still stick with the monkey from the Black Sailors range, but I brought out one of the goblins and some of the other orc figures to see if I liked those pairings any better. I nixed the goblin as it changed the feel of the piece. I liked the idea of the captain being this little guy next to this big brute of an orc. With the goblin, the captain becomes the medium sized figure and it didn't feel the same. As for the other orc figures, none of them quite seemed right for the scene to me. The most tempting alternative option is a 75mm figure from Ares Mythologic, Sheenay. The figure has a pirate feel and a female human would contrast well with the orc and dwarf. But I don't know... there's some features to the sculpt I'm not crazy about and it's hard to tell if the size of the figure would actually work in the scene. I'm tentative to buy something like that if I'm not positive I can use it. Plus I can't find any other versions or images of her online, which would have been helpful in getting a better feel for the figure and whether it might work. Which leaves me with the monkey from the Black Sailors line. I'm thinking I'll either convert the pose a bit so he's hanging off the rigging or have him standing on a barrel behind the captain (so he's still raised up and the captain appears small). Anyway, I've been collecting some good ship reference images and hope to start sketching out some ideas over the holiday weekend. I'd like to start painting the third figure for the scene soon, but I've got to figure out the base first!

    On a related topic, as I was looking through the Black Sailors range, I thought the newer figure, Honuk, might actually pair up well with the Papa Jambo. The shaman can be glancing over as Honuk is creating a scene. The reaction of the pelican on Papa Jambo's shoulder also works with the scene. Sigh, always more ideas than time to pursue them. But I'm enjoying working with the large scale orcs... so perhaps I'll come back to this one later.

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    The pirate scene is starting to come into focus for me. I'm ditching the idea of having the monkey on the rigging. For the composition I want, it'd mean the other two figures are right up against the edge of the ship and I didn't like that. Plus converting the figure is no simple task. I took a try at sculpting a barrel, but wasn't sold on the results. I could keep at it, but decided putting him on a stack of boxes would work just as well and be a lot easier to manage since I can just build them out of balsa wood. Here's a mock up of how I think the characters will be positioned. I like the relative heights of each.
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    I plan to redo the top box. I want something a little smaller and will be make something more detailed too.

    As for the overall scene, I'm thinking instead of on the deck of a ship that they will be set on a pier. Sort of like their ship just docked and now these guys are walking into town to see what sort of trouble they can cause. And I've seen plenty of pictures of piers will all sorts of stuff piled up on their sides (boxes, barrels, nets, crates of food, etc). So I think I can add plenty of little details and accessories to make it an interesting scene. My preference for that over a ship deck is I feel the characters positioning and poses make more sense there. On a ship deck, why would they all be standing together like that? What are they doing? I don't have a good answer for that in my mind. With the pier, I see them as just having disembarked from the ship, perhaps pausing for a moment to look down onto the town and think about what sort of trouble they're going to cause. With that story the grouping of figures makes more sense to me, why they have their weapons out makes more sense to me. I'm sure there are other stories that could be told with these figures, but this is the one that came to my mind.

    Anyway, here's an inspiration image for the sort of scene I want to make.
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    I'm going to start making some props and pieces for the scene. Already working on some crates. Came up with a decent way to make a rope ladder, which might be rolled up or fallen off to one side. Got a lead on some material for ropes and netting too.

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    Exciting I remember the 1st base for the pirate that was great. Great reference to go by.

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    Just in a class by himself!!! This whole thing you do baily , you know this miniature painting gig , coming here to this thread has giving me so many things and also will clearly tell why your pretty much one of the only mentors I’ll listen to bud. You deserve everything you get and have coming. This is gonna be as beautiful as the first pieces I saw that made me know your a king at this. The white speaker and the spider above the fast foot dio. Also cannot forget the hockey guy from San Jose!!!!this beats all of em ATM!!!

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    the painting on those two models is awesome, will look forward to seeing where this project goes

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    Agree with Coyotebreaks, everything about both these models are wonderful. Picking out individual bits is impossibly hard, it's all so good

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    Brilliant. So much character on these, I'm gonna be keeping my eye on this thread to watch this progress. Really inspiring

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    Thanks, everyone! Keeping my focus on the basing is always a struggle. I love doing the figures, but when that part of the piece is done I just want to rush through the base so I can move on to my next piece. I've got to keep fighting with myself to put the time and effort into the base and give the figure the scene that it deserves.

    Anyway, I did a bit of work on props for the base. I wanted to improve the smaller box that the monkey is standing on, so I redid it as a chest. I'm also adding some extra details to the crate (though not done with that yet).
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    I found some information on knots, so I made a marlin spike rope ladder. This may or may not make it into the final scene... we'll see.
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    I did some more brainstorming over the weekend and I think I have a pretty good idea how I want the rest of the scene to look. For any piece, but especially a diorama scene, I like to try and add little details and little stories. Stuff that you have to look closer to see, but will reward you if you do. I'm not the best at doing that, but it's something I'm making more of an effort to do in my future pieces. I was having a hard time coming up with some for this scene, but I think I've got a few ideas that I like. Just have to start building the full scene and then I can see which ones I can work into it. Guess it's time to start constructing the larger pier which these guys will be standing on!

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    I'm continuing to plan out the scene for the pirates. Since I didn't work this all out beforehand, I had to improvise a bit. I took some cork, covered it with a sheet of paper, and then stuck the figures into it. This allowed me to get their positioning down and start to sketch out how I wanted the base to look (and figure out dimensions of everything). What I want to create is a portion of a pier, with the ends broken/uneven to hopefully imply that it continues on past what's on the base. Beneath that will be a roughly square base with a layer of dark murky water. Here's the basic layout:
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    I was fortunate enough to get some feedback from Roman Lappat on the plan. He sketched out a few ideas which I thought I'd share here as well. He said to arrange the pier supports to form a triangle, breaking up the symmetry a bit and creating a more pleasing arrangement. He also recommended playing with the height of some relative to the figures. Maybe even run a rope between two and have some stuff dangling down from there. Very helpful insights and definitely stuff I plan to use as I create the scene.
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    Roman's got you on the right track, he has created a nice visual flow so that they lead the eyes to the figures and around the base if you follow the path> start in the bottom right corner, then into the captain, then up to his orc buddy, over his shoulder to the support, across the ropes to the other pole and down to their goblin monkey friend! It's something used in 2d painting a lot and was conceived by the various masters like DaVinci et all!
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    This diorama plan is realy starting to gel. I really like it Bailey.

    BTW if you would still like some barrels PM me. There are a few different barrels in the Hirst Art Molds I have. One is probably about two inches tall. I could probably cast a couple up in dental stone this weekend and send them your way early next week.

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    Bails and trophy is safe.. all entries are blah!!!
    Your a winner david. inspiration

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    oww nice bit of wip thinking there, thanks for the share! Thats awesome Romans shared that with you. Looks like its going to look very cool with the greens and purples
    When I started my base I got neck deep into proportions . . . I must go back to that and finish something mawhahaha

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