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    Hey all, a quick heads up on some mini opportunities. First, since we were talking about 54mm scale fantasy, there's 2 days left for a kickstarter of 54mm scale elf and dwarf figures. It was a real short campaign, just 8 days in total, and everything is limited edition. The figures will only ever be available as part of the kickstarter. I'm not sure if I'll be getting any. There's a feral looking elf on a polar bear, sculpted by Mikh, which is really awesome. But, since it's such a big piece, it's got a price to match. It's a fair price, but I think more than I want to spend at the moment. I'm tempted by the dwarf on a boar, so I might get that. Still have 48 hours to make up my mind. If you're curious about the figures, take a look here to see more:

    Another kickstarter coming up midway through the month is from Scale75. They're doing some more large scale figures based on their Fallen Frontiers line. I don't paint many sci-fi figures, but I do like some of the Fallen Frontiers stuff they do. Looks like this one will mostly focus on busts... but there could be other stuff too. Not sure if I'll buy anything, but I'll definitely take a look to see what they're offering. That one goes live on the 14th.

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    As I wrap up the White Speaker, I'm starting to prep a new project. As I mentioned a few posts ago, I wanted to do a 54mm fantasy piece. I've got the pirate scene I'm still working on, but that is a big multi-figure scene with an extensive base and it's going to take a while to finish. So I wanted something a bit more limited in scope, like the historical knight I was painting, that I can finish in a month or two. And, having just done the historical knight, I want to do a fantasy piece just to change things up a bit.

    So last weekend I picked up Brom Hard Bark from TheLost and I think that'll be the piece I'll paint. I started brainstorming ideas for him. These days when I work on a display or competition piece, I try to either come up with a distinct approach to painting them (different from what I've already scene) or come up with a story that I can work into the scene. Basically the point is to find a way to make the figure unique and (hopefully) stand out. In this case I can't really think of a unique take on the painting, so I'm focusing on the story. For this I look at the figure, the expression and pose, and ask what are they doing, where are they, what emotion is there, etc. Brom looks determined/angry. He's in a fighting stance, but it feels more defensive (he's waiting for an attack instead of charging towards someone). His clothing is ragged, he's got a bandage around his head... he looks like he's in trouble. In my mind he's backed into a corner facing a bunch of enemies. Maybe this is his last stand. That's the story I want the scene to tell, so now it's just a matter of filling in the details.

    As I said at the beginning, I want this to be a small project. Therefore the enemies he's facing will be implied rather than actual additional figures on the base. I considered having him literally backed into a corner, with a wall or large stones right behind him. But that blocks off the rear of the figure from view. I also didn't want to have to represent a cave scene in terms of lighting. So instead he's outside and I came up with the idea of having him standing in front of a broken bridge. Now the story is he's been chased and harassed by a mob of goblins. He's been fighting them off while trying to escape. He's made it this far only to find out the bridge, his means of escape, is out. Now he turns to brace himself for the final assault.

    With all that in mind, here is the start of the scene I'm building. I've put together cork to make up the bulk of the ground, though it will be most covered with putty, sand, and rocks in the end. I've started to build the bridge. I've placed the two posts along with some ropes and stakes holding them in place. I will add another set of ropes at the bottom and then a series of wood planks which will hang off the back of the base. Below I included an inspiration image to show more clearly what I hope to create. The base is rather compact, since I just want to focus on Brom and have the enemy unseen. As I said I just want to imply them... but there needs to be some details to indicate they are there. A simple way to do this is add some arrows to the scene. My though is to have one sticking out of Brom's wooden shoulder pad. Maybe there will be a broken one in his thigh, with some blood running down the leg. I think an arrow in one of the wood posts next to him would be fun too. Perhaps I'll add some in the ground, perhaps not. I'll see how those first couple look and then decide if it needs more.
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    Well, that's a lot of text and not much in the way of model to show for it. But I thought someone out there might appreciate seeing how I work through planning a piece like this. I expect I will continue to build the base and prep the figure while I finish of the White Speaker. Hopefully this one will be ready to start painting by the time I finish the Kingdom Death piece.

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    Perfect mini for it, hahaha I can see him now getting to the bridge and thinking I have to go the long way. . .or turn and face them wicked goblins
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    Wonderful idea! I always love seeing the work of artist who can tell a tale with the composition of their work. Looking forward to seeing how things progress.

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    love it already!
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    Anybody else have no idea that Baileys second attempt at the speaker was half the size and twice as awesome!!!! Never EVER ceases to amaze!!!


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    Love the concept and composition
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    Thanks, guys!

    Getting back to the White Speaker, I've been working on the base and she is essentially finished (just need to paint the spear which will be stuck into the base). My initial run at the base was a bit uninteresting. By design I wanted to keep the base simple so it didn't draw attention away from the figure. But the greys and dull browns took it too far. The piece didn't feel balanced. So I decided to add some vines with red leaves covering a portion of the base. The bit of color helps with the balance and the red leaves tie into the red already on the figure. Still, I dulled the red by adding in some brown in order to keep it from being too distracting next to a figure without a lot of bright colors on her.

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    I agree with is hard to believe this isn't 54mm as nice of work as you have done on it. I really like those red vines (how did you make them?) and they create a nice triangle composition with the red of the mask and knife. COOL!

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    Thanks, Coyote and Krule!

    Krule, the vines are etched brass from ScaleLink, their 1:32 Ivy Stems and Leaves ( Officially for 54mm scale figures, but I think they work just as well with 28's.

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    Outstanding paint job, looks magnificent... well done!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bailey03 View Post
    Thanks, Coyote and Krule!

    Krule, the vines are etched brass from ScaleLink, their 1:32 Ivy Stems and Leaves ( Officially for 54mm scale figures, but I think they work just as well with 28's.
    Thanks. Yeah I like them. They give the vibe of a woodier stemmed small bush.

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    Oh wow, I'm a big fan of the whole... the skin tones, the pale clothing, and indeed, the little red details on both the figure and base add some nice schwung to it all.
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    Very nice, David! The red leaves really balance everything!
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    looking great mate! yep the red really finishes well.

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    Love the Brom scene David. To add a little more implied enemy howabout a throwing axe in one of the support posts ?
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    Mally, I'll have to keep that in mind!

    Well, with the White Speaker finished, I returned to the 54mm crusader to see if I could get him wrapped up too. I'm not quite there, but he's getting very close. This weekend I spend time working on his base. I'm picturing him somewhere in Outremer, so I went with a rather dry looking base without much plant life. I put a bit of dried grass in among the stones, but I still need to clean it up a bit and then use some washes or pigments to give it some color variation and tie it into the base.

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