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    H A P P Y B I R T H D A Y - DAVID !!!!!!! Wishing you best for health , family, happiness and painting trophies!!!!


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    Happy birthday
    It's only a flesh wound!!!

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    Happy birthday and congrats on the win David. Well deserved.

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    Thanks, everyone!

    Well, I've been pretty quiet as of late. I've been in a bit of a painting funk. Either projects just weren't inspiring me or I'd hit a roadblock that was preventing more progress. I did some work here and there, but it felt like nothing really went anywhere. After some reflection, I decided the best thing to do was just start a new project. Pick something comfortable without anything that looked like it might trip me up down the line. So I picked a 75mm scale Napoleonic kit that I had in my collection. It's a trumpeteer from the 2nd Lancers. It's not an 'easy' figure, there's plenty of detail, but it's all stuff I feel comfortable with. I don't have any plans for the figure in terms of competition or some larger scene, but that's kind of the point for this one. Just paint to paint and recharge my painting mojo.

    I built and primed him on Saturday. Got about an hour of painting in that night to do the base coating and initial shadow sketch. Then had another couple hours on Sunday while the little on napped to try and finish the face. While I don't have specific plans for the figure, that doesn't mean I can't find ways to make the project useful. My mind is on my upcoming workshops at Adepticon. I'll be teaching a two sessions of a class on faces and skin. So while I was working on this figure, I took pictures are each step along the way. I'm planning to put together a handout for the class to supplement my demo and lecture. So I expect I'll use this figure as part of that write up. Anyway, here s how he began (basecoat only) and how the face wound up.

    Something I've discussed in tutorials and will include in the class is the use of glazes to finish the work on faces and skin. It's a subtle step, yet I think it really helps capture a more realistic look. So I like to show these side by sides. On the left, the face after all of the shading/highlighting. It looks fine, but compare it with the image on the right (after glazes) and I think you'll agree the right looks much more life-like.

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    You got this davey -turn setbacks into comebacks buddy. I love the faces you do especially when you pull off the glazing. The right looks MUCH MUCH MORE lifelike. Your a Superman buddy. Hang tight it shall return.

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    Wow, the attention to detail in this thread is amazing. And the way you break it down for people like me that still have so much to learn. Thank you very much for sharing all of this!

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    Thanks, I'm happy you've found it useful!

    Well, I've returned to an old project with the hopes of finishing it up. I've had Brom, the angry dwarf from Enigma, almost complete for maybe 5 months now. But I just couldn't find the motivation to tackle the base. Fast forward to the other week, our FLGS, Game Kastle, announced a contest and started to look for something to enter. I've only got until next Monday to enter, so I needed something that was already nearly finished. This gave me the excuse I needed to get back to Brom and finish the piece up.

    I've only got a little left to do on the main figure. Just paint his feet and add some final details (blood, dirt, etc). The base, on the other hand, needed to be fully painted. The dirt, rocks, and broken bridge all needed to be done. The painting on the base is just about finished. Only a little left, then I can attach the figure. There's some minor gaps at the feet, which will need to be filled and painted to match the rest of the groundwork. I'll also be added some grass on either side of the path to the bridge. I've also got some final details like more arrows and blood to pull it all together. Still a decent amount of work, but I think it's doable by Monday. Here's hoping!

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    The figure is still outstanding as it always was, but that basework is superb! Awesome earth tones and the wood effect is great.

    Looking forward to you finishing this one!

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    WOW thats got some real emotion going on! loving the work you have done all round!

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    Ha, well he is now! Thanks all. Here's how the piece turned out

    And for a sense of scale...

    And now for the tough part... deciding which old project to focus on next.

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    Not bad at all sir, not bad at all..though if I may, I would suggest adding a bit more variation in the length of the foliage used..just a bit of course, so as to not obscure the view of the miniature. Other than that, always a fan sir
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    What a brilliant piece. Love it!

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    Super incredible- now that miniature painting at its best folks!!!
    the blood yess the blood!!!!!

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    Awesome model. I especially love the varied textures. I think the largely neutral basework nicely sets of the colors of the figure, too.

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    Awesome. Are you bringing this to Adepticon?

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    Thanks, everyone!

    Krule, I'd like to. I don't think I'll be competing with it, but we're painting a dwarf in two of the classes I'm teaching so it'd be nice to have on hand as another reference. As long as there's room in my carrying case, I'll be bringing it.

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    Awesome Bails! You can picture the scene perfectly. This guy out of options and ready to face whatever’s coming at him.


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    Very impressed mate. Fantastic paint with great storytelling
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    Yikes, been a while since I've updated this thread! Things have been keeping me busy. First a quick announcement for those of you on Facebook. Pegaso and Kimera have created a new Facebook group focused on providing advice and support to help fellow painters improve their work. There are a number of people within the group designated as coaches who help with constructive criticism and tips/tutorials (though obviously anyone in the group is welcome to share advice if they want to!). I was invited to join as one of the painting coaches, so come check out the group!

    Aside from that I've been focusing on getting some pieces finished in time for Crystal Brush and preparing for my classes. A little over two months to go, but I have a feeling that time will fly by! One piece I want to enter is the tiefling I converted. He's been a long term project, but it's getting very close to being completed. My most recent work has been on the crescent moons inside the coat and details on the horns. Still more to do on each along with a few remaining details on the outside of the coat. But he is very close to being finished. There's still the matter of the base, but I'm not planning anything too elaborate so I should be able to finish him in time.

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