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    I've been poking around CMON for a while now and have been incredibly impressed and inspired by all the great work. I decided I wanted to get more involved in the community and hopefully benefit from all the knowledge and experience out there. So I'm creating this work in progress thread to keep track of my projects, show what I'm doing, and hopefully get some feedback on how to keep improving.

    I've been painting on and off for probably 15+ years, but only got serious about it around 3 years ago. These days I do a mix of fantasy/sci-fi figures and historical figures, so you'll see some of both as I continue this thread. Pretty much everything I do is with acrylics. I'm using GW, Vallejo, and Reaper Master Series.

    Okay, on to the pictures... first I thought I'd post some finished projects that I haven't put in the gallery just so you can see where I'm at, then I'll start with the real WIP pictures. Here's a model from last year. This is a big one, 90mm scale, from Pegaso.

    Name:  hosp1.jpg
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    I left off the horse's caparison so he looks little funny. But it was necessary to give me access to his legs and underside.

    Name:  hosp4.jpg
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    Okay, now he looks a little better. The black was not easy to shade. Here I'm mixing in a touch of Vallejo's german cam black brown with their basic black. Then I switch over to Reaper's tanned shadow and start using that to lighten the black/brown mix for my highlights. I feel like this kept everything looking black... but still gave a decent amount of tone to the highlights, as opposed to just using a neutral grey.

    Name:  hosp5.jpg
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    To finish up the horse I took care of the saddle and added the eight point Hospitaller crosses to the horse. The crosses were all done free hand.

    Name:  hosp6.jpg
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    And there's the finished figure. Overall I'm quite pleased with the result, though I'm sure now I could improve on the shading and color transitions. I really wish I had spent more time on the flag... sometimes those last few steps get rushed because you're so excited to finish. The whole thing weights a ton, by the way.

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    Okay, on to one that's still actually a work in progress. There was something I really liked about Engima's Sumothay figure. He's got this long exaggerated face with that big grimace. And the overall look is vaguely samurai-ish... maybe it's just the flags on his back, but that's what it says to me.

    Not real far on this one yet. I've worked on the face but haven't had a chance to get back for the rest of him.

    Name:  sumo01.jpg
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    Name:  sumo02.jpg
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    I'm still trying to figure out the color scheme for the rest of the body. I like the idea of red armor... but who knows. I am planning to do NMM with this one, which will be a first for me. Hopefully it will go well!

    Thanks for taking a look.

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    awesome stuff here, great job sir. some slightly larger pics of the rider had been cool. that face is great too, but the headshape looks a bit deformed

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    Very nice. Really like the knight. The head screams "Rambo" to me.

    Anyways, your skill is beyond me, so i will be watching to pick up some tricks you are using.

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    KruleBear, glad you liked him. I can see what you mean, very Rambo-like.

    SkelettetS, thanks! Speaking of being impressed and inspired, I've been reading through your WIP thread. So much great stuff there. Hopefully my work will be of that quality one day. In the meantime, here's a larger version of the knight. Should make it a little easier to see the good and, unfortunately, also the bad!

    Name:  Hosp01.jpg
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    Top work sir
    "we reach for the stars, forever looking to the heavens, our minds filled with wonder and the glory of the cosmic all; stretching the boundries of human knowledge and securing the solar system for the Human Species out there beyond the final frontier so one day our decendants will be as gods!
    You hold our hands so we don't blunder into things........and do the photo shop.
    . Andyg

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    Best version of her i have seen yet. Really well done, absolutely fantastic!

    "I was too distracted by the ladies to be scared of your bear. That is the second weirdest sentence I have ever typed on this site o_O"- Zab

    "Paint flavored coffee is the bestest!"-me

    Brush Brother Moetle

    Take a peek you might learn something or teach me something :-)

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    Thanks, Moetle. I was really pleased with how she turned out.

    With all the holidays and family stuff I haven't had much time to paint. But I did manage to finally finish my figure for the WAMP Red Box Games contest. Here's Bruiser Gus...

    Name:  Bruiser04.jpg
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    Their figures are really small. I'd say he's closer to 25mm scale than 28. The base is entirely scratch built from balsa wood, a little bit of green stuff, and some woodland scenics grass. This is the first figure from Red Box I've painted. Aside from it being really tiny (especially compared to the 54mm stuff I was working on), I though he had a lot of character to the sculpt and was fun to paint. I've got a couple of their other figures sitting in my cabinet and I imagine I'll pick up a few more soon. They've got another kickstarter that is supposed to start in a couple days. If you like what I've done stop by the version I posted in the gallery and cast your vote. Thanks for taking a look!

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    Brilliant work my man! You keep getting better and better with your skills and it is really fun to watch. The only thing I wish you had done differently is to splinter the door a bit where he smashed it in. Wood is a good place to use some oil color on too. The beer sign out front is pretty genious as well. My sincere compliments on an extremley well done figure.

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    Well done. I can not wait for my Redbox mini's to come after seeing this.

    But a new Kickstarter when I have not received my mini's from the last Redbox Kicksarter. Seems rather excessive.

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    Thanks, Milosh and KruleBear.

    Milosh, I had the same thought about the door... just didn't do anything about it. Maybe I'll go back in with an x-acto knife and see if I can add some splintering on the door.

    KruleBear, I missed the last Kickstarter but I heard similar comments about the not receiving minis and now they're doing another one. I'd hope that they would at least arrive before this Kickstarter ends. But I wouldn't be surprised if it hurts the pledging a bit.

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    I actually thought the door was okay, I imagined him slamming in a very firm door, most of the time, a door doesn't splinter and is made from very dense wood, i don't know, just a thought maybe i'm too late

    I'm also participating in the contest (if I'm pleased with my paint job) think yours looks absolutely awesome, your skin is amazing and that's not an easy thing to do good luck!


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