I've been poking around CMON for a while now and have been incredibly impressed and inspired by all the great work. I decided I wanted to get more involved in the community and hopefully benefit from all the knowledge and experience out there. So I'm creating this work in progress thread to keep track of my projects, show what I'm doing, and hopefully get some feedback on how to keep improving.

I've been painting on and off for probably 15+ years, but only got serious about it around 3 years ago. These days I do a mix of fantasy/sci-fi figures and historical figures, so you'll see some of both as I continue this thread. Pretty much everything I do is with acrylics. I'm using GW, Vallejo, and Reaper Master Series.

Okay, on to the pictures... first I thought I'd post some finished projects that I haven't put in the gallery just so you can see where I'm at, then I'll start with the real WIP pictures. Here's a model from last year. This is a big one, 90mm scale, from Pegaso.

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I left off the horse's caparison so he looks little funny. But it was necessary to give me access to his legs and underside.

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Okay, now he looks a little better. The black was not easy to shade. Here I'm mixing in a touch of Vallejo's german cam black brown with their basic black. Then I switch over to Reaper's tanned shadow and start using that to lighten the black/brown mix for my highlights. I feel like this kept everything looking black... but still gave a decent amount of tone to the highlights, as opposed to just using a neutral grey.

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To finish up the horse I took care of the saddle and added the eight point Hospitaller crosses to the horse. The crosses were all done free hand.

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And there's the finished figure. Overall I'm quite pleased with the result, though I'm sure now I could improve on the shading and color transitions. I really wish I had spent more time on the flag... sometimes those last few steps get rushed because you're so excited to finish. The whole thing weights a ton, by the way.