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    Wow, love the lighting you do here, everything has so much volume.

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    Thanks, everyone!

    Changing things up a bit with my next project and painting the half-elf Vesha from Bold Miniatures. I'm really enjoying this bust so far. It's given me a chance to practice and continue to work on my skin tones. I'm also spending a lot of time focusing on my use of light and shadow. I've pushed myself to be stronger with the color of my main light source and I think that warm light source is coming across well in her skin. I'm also trying to work in more of a blue ambient light into the shadows which comes across strongest on the off-white fur and shirt, but hopefully comes through on the rest of her too. And I'm also painting cast shadows for the first time. Nothing too dramatic yet, but you can see cast shadows from her hair onto her forehead and cheek, beneath her nose, on her tongue, on the back end of the weasel, and on the fur beneath the weasels' head. I'll keep working at them as I continue to refine the rest of the figure.

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    Really love the color choices and contrast is looking very good so far. The cast shadows look convincing and really help to sell the light situation on these large scale models and busts.

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    David your always my first and last mentor I come to with questions- I don’t listen to anyone but you and the reason is Simple you rock mate !!! Your awesome brother.. Thanks for all and this bust is just another exemplary showing of miniature painting at its finest.

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    A cool departure for you….or does she have a katana in that other hand?

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    Some gorgeous work man, the blends are creamy. Love it!

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    Wonderful work on this bust. The skin looks so vivid, it's bluffing.

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    After painting a number of human or human-like figures, I thought it was time for a chance and pulled one of the Big Child Creatives orcs out from my mini stash. I settled on Sharki as the sculpt has a ton of character, plenty of fun details to paint, and isn't too involved a project (I have some multi-figure scenes planned with some of the other Big Child orcs I have).

    I'm focusing on painting atmospheric light, so more yellow in all the highlights and blue for ambient light in the shaded regions. I'm also practicing cast shadows which you can see painted in a number of spots. On a side note, I didn't use any green from a bottle for this one, just blues and yellow. Paints for the skin are AK's Strong Dark Blue, WWI French Uniform Base, and Reaper's Lemon Yellow.

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    I've been making pretty steady progress on Sharki. I'm trying to keep a consistent feel to the light, so all the shadows have some blue mixed in for ambient color and all the highlights use yellow for the primary light. I'm also continuing to practice painting cast shadows, which you can see on the leg and in numerous places on the image from the front.

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    I know I tend towards fantasy and historical subjects, but every so often it's fun to try something else like steampunk or, in this case, futuristic. I'd picked up this 75mm Neko Galaxy figure from a friend and she felt like a fun subject to work on. For the last few pieces I've focused on improving my use of light, painting cast shadows, and trying to further improve my skin painting. I'm sticking with those focal points for this piece too. I'm also planning to take more of a NMM rather than TMM approach to this piece, so we'll see how that turns out once I start on her armor.

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    looks like somebody is still painting

    skin-cloth looks good, I only dislike the face, but that's a personal problem of mine with mini faces painted in the historical style (full on light from front, but almost nothing from the sides, making a lot of faces like "thomas the tank engine faces", looking good from front, weird from other directions)
    Forgot, that it works again.

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    The neko piece looks great! The skin looks amazing, and I can see the work you've put into the shadows.

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