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    Excellent work on the conversion and the painting is, of course, turning out great. Love what's going on with the pants.

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    Thanks, fluister!

    I've continued to work on the leather and last night I recorded my painting session. I wasn't able to record a true tutorial since I wasn't able to record any audio to talk through the painting process. No technical problems, just had family in the room, tv on, etc. so not the right setting for a real tutorial recording. Later this month I'll have a week where everyone will be out of town, so I'm hoping to use that time to record a couple real tutorials. In the meantime, here's the painting session in case you'd like to take a look at my process:

    And here's the text that goes along with it...

    "Before the recording, I based the boot in the dark brown and then sketched in the light sections with the mid brown.

    To paint the leather, texture is as important as highlighting and shading. I take the normal layering approach: slowly moving from pure dark brown to the medium brown by adding a little bit of the lighter color to the dark mix with each step, and so on to the top highlight. However, Instead of attempting smooth transitions, I use a mix of normal blending and stippling (both dots and just short strokes). This helps to build the leather texture that I want. Though there is no audio, you can watch how I use the brush to apply the paint.

    I tried to keep the palette in the frame, so you can also see how at times I will jump back to earlier shades in order to adjust blends. This is used often with stippling to help smooth out a transition that became too abrupt.

    I also wanted the overall look to remain dark, so as I got to the highlights (mix of Basic Dirt and Khaki Highlight) I dramatically reduced the area over which I was applying the color. This allows me to still create a lot of contrast without lighting the overall look of the subject."

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    David this is turning out so awesome and unique. Really enjoying the journey you are on.

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    Stunning. This is really starting to come together with such an cool vibe. I enjoyed the video - always fun to get some insight on how others paint.
    pax et bonum

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    Looking real good. I'll be taking a look at your video later too.

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    Hey all, I've been out of town for a bit, so couldn't do any painting. But I did decide to bring along some clay and try out a bit of sculpting! I wanted to continue with the Critical Role theme and attempt to create another character from the show, this time from scratch. My intention was to create Nott, a goblin:

    I couldn't find any figures that were close enough to convert. The best I could come up with were some child figures that would require me to redo almost the entire figure, so that didn't seem much better than just sculpting my own from the get-go. This piece is 1/35 scale, but close to half height. You can see the character below next to a human size 1/35 scale piece. I began with a wire armature and then sculpted over it with Super Sculpey. I've been applying a layer of detail and then baking to lock it in. I've probably gone through 7 or 8 different bakings to get to the current stage. It's actually nice, acts like a save point. For the face I must have torn it off at least 4 times and started over. But I could do that without messing up any of my previous work. I've still got more stuff to add, but it's getting there.
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    Definitely not the finest sculpt, but given my limited experience I'm quite happy with it. Hopefully this will give me the confidence to try this sort of thing more often.

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    Getting back to painting, I've made some more progress on the tiefling. I'm following the character art, so the coat will be loaded with designs. Since most of them are line drawings (as opposed to large solid shapes), I thought it best to shade/highlight the background color first rather than try to work around the design details. I'm starting with the major designs and then will work in the smaller images. Likely I'll have to make some simplifications because it'd be a wonder if everything fit (I'm not planing out the size/spacing that precisely). So if I'm going to condense or omit some bits, I'd rather it be some of the smaller designs. Here's how he's coming along so far...

    Here's a quick look at how the some of the design work was done. It's my usual process for geometric designs. I started by taking a scrap of paper and marking the distance from the center of the circle to the outside and then a second mark for the distance to the end of the arm (triangle). I placed a dot for the center of the circle and then held the paper at different angles to mark dots along the outside of the circle and at the end of each arm. Instead of trying to freehand a circle, I could follow the dots to keep it much closer to a true circle than if I'd just eyeballed it. I then went about thickening up that line (first image below). Next I painted on radial lines for the arms. Then I went about placing more guide marks around the circle, two evenly spaced between each arm. These were close enough that I did just eyeball it (though if you wanted to be real precise you could measure that too). Then I painted in the lines connecting these marks with the ends of the arms (image 2 and 3).

    Next I had to add the squiggly triangles in between. I started with a short line between each triangle, done at a slight angle (image 4). Then I went back with a stretched 'C' shape (image 5). Finally I painted the lines on either side, letting the existing curve help be my guide (image 6).

    I know I've said it before, but with all these sorts of designs it's about breaking it down into simpler parts and slowly building up the complexity. By also measuring, you keep distances consistent and get something that looks more like it was printed on and not hand painted.

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    Good simple solution with the scrap of paper I will now appropriate that file off the serial numbers and say it was my idea
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    Happy to pass the idea along. Cheap ruler and it bends, so perfect for curved surfaces on the mini.
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    That is some good advice/technique. Thanks for sharing! And dang, the figure is really starting to look awesome.
    pax et bonum

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    looking amazing and very cool with the patterns. Great tips.

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    I want to give you some some reputation points (star icon on the left) but since you are almost always giving great advice and tips, it is constantly telling me that I can't that I need to spread those points. xD

    Thank you again for the tips with the freehand.
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    David your a wizard!!! Not just the way you troubleshoot everything and are able to breakdown things extremely complex, down to a comprehensive and easy to grasp notions . I’m just so glad for all of us mini painters that you live mini painting as much as us. This makes us all extremely lucky to have that magic insight that you cook up in that super computer of a brain you have.
    this tirldlung I knew gonna be fantastic,but really am floored by this. Makes me think if you wanted to do a 54 mm harlequin it would rock !!!!

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    Thanks, everyone!

    I took a break from the tiefling last night and decided to finally put the finishing touches on my crusader. I had a few tiny details left to paint and then the weathering. The scene I pictured for him was right at the start of a battle, maybe outside the walls of Acre. The defenders have fired their first volley of arrows and he looks back as if to say 'is that the best you can do?' Why is that important? Well the weathering is telling his story. If he's at the end of a battle, he might be covered with blood splatter. At the very least you'd expect some on his axe and shield. But at the start, not so much. I did add some faded blood stains though (red + brown then thinned to more of glaze). There's one on his shield (it's subtle, but there) and some on the ground and rocks (this is land that's been fought on again and again).

    Next I went about adding dirt and dust. This is a pretty dry climate, so no mud caked on his feet and legs. I just used dry pigments to add a fine layer of dirt on him. I focused on the shield and his legs. I didn't want to overdo it on his surcoat, so I left that pretty clean. Likely it'd be dirty too, but I'm taking some artistic license. And with that, he's done! Here's how the final piece turned out...

    He's also up in the gallery, or at least will be once the mods approve it. You can find it here:
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    As always really really nice work, love all the tips and advice you give, very clear and easy to understand. Keep up the amazing work.

    work is boring when it gets in the way of my painting.

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    Nice to see the knight finished. I really love the how you've wrapped it up - in the reference file it goes. Very inspiring and awesome with so much subtle nuance with textures. This is what I'm trying to work towards in my own work.

    I do have a couple of questions about the dust/weathering on the shield. Is it primarily on the shadow half? I'm wondering what the motivation is for putting it where you have. And should the back also have been dusted some?
    pax et bonum

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    Very nice work, the finished model looks great. Really like the contrasts and light you have in the cloth. The tiefling chap is coming on grand to. The freehand patterns on the cloak really look great
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    Thank you, everyone!

    frzntoz, there is some dusting on the light side of the shield, I just didn't do much at the top corner. But if you look near the griffin's back leg and tail, you'll notice some brown shades. Overall I kept the dusting light on this figure, so didn't bother with the back of the shield. I did a bit on his surcoat, but looking at the pictures I can't even see it (it was very minimal!).

    One issue I'm trying to figure out with regards to weathering is how to use pigments but still match the light/dark contrast of the figure. I pulled out a couple different shades of brown/yellow pigments and tried to apply the darker ones into the shadow areas and the lighter ones in the highlight regions. The pigment application isn't quite as precise as the regular brushwork, so I'm still trying to figure out my approach. Even though it's pre-battle, this guy should probably be dirtier just from walking around in that climate. But I pulled back on the weathering so it didn't conflict with the contrast on the figure. I'll keep experimenting with using contrast with pigments and next time I'll try to go farther with them.

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