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    In other mini news, I decided to update my CMON gallery with a couple other recent projects. Take a look if you're interested!
    Fallen Angel:
    Empress Dragoon Officer:

    I think that just leaves the samurai. But I want to reshoot the photographs of that with a different background and I haven't gotten around to it yet.

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    Congrats on the wins at NOVA, wish they had better display cases so you could walk around to see the whole mini as sometimes there is a lot of detail on the backs of them that you don't get to see from the way they position them. It was great to finally get to see the North Umbrian, Dragoon and Orc IRL.

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    awesome work on the orc, really like the tones in the skin, you have achieved a really nice glow to it.

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    Voted for them both. Also congratulations on your work (and win) on the Orc by Denis soul, I own that figure too and it's sculpture work is so good that it is a really intimidating miniature to paint. Denis must be over happy with your magnificent work on it!! ^^
    WIP thread. / Cmon Gallery / Instagram

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    The skin on your orc is sublime. It's a great sculpt but you have put even more character into the face. You can see the curiosity on his face as he's looking at the lizard. Thankfully you snapped a moment in time before he picked the lizard up and ate it.

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    Just gonna echo that it was great to meet you and see the Northumbrian in person this weekend.

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    Thanks, everyone! I had a great time at NOVA Open. Nice to meet those of you who were there and get to catch up with old friends. And, of course, the painting seminars with Roman were fantastic. Got a lot of stuff to digest from those and attempt to apply on my future projects! For those who weren't there, the competition was very tough this year. A lot of great pieces were entered. The competition is run on the open system of judging, so you aren't in direct competition for medals. But still the standard was very high. To give you an idea, Damon, whose entry in the single figure category won best of show, still got a bronze for his entry into the unit category! So congrats to everyone who received a finalist pin or medaled. None of those came easy! Another change this year was that they handed out multiple medals if you submitted multiple figures in the same category. I'm used to the judges picking only your best and judging that, but they decided to recognize your other entries too. I submitted three pieces into the single figure category (95 total entries there btw). The orc won a silver and my Dragoon and Northumbrian won two of the four gold medals handed out in that category. So I am quite pleased with that result!

    I've got a few pictures to share from the classes. I took Roman's painting a bust in atmosphere class. This was a full day (8 hour) workshop were Roman covered how to include atmosphere in our painting through the introduction of color from the primary light source and the ambient light. Is the figure set in a green field on a clear sunny day or on a snow covered tundra under gray clouds? Even without a base and scene, you can tell that story through your color choices, reflecting the primary light and the ambient light colors. There are some things there I've been doing subconsciously (or accidentally) on projects, but now I can take a much more intentional approach and make more meaningful choices. We got to do some painting on Roman's ogre bust. Normally I'd spend days or weeks on a project like this, but I only had a few hours during the class so to me it was more like speed painting. I ended up focusing on a smaller section of the face to take it to a more completed state. Here's what I came up with
    Name:  NO_01.jpg
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    The light and ambient colors would be more apparent if we'd had time to paint the other sections of the bust (the leather, fur, and metal). But it certainly got the lesson across and I look forward to using it in future projects.

    The other big full day workshop I took as on building a display base. Basing is an area I'm continually working to improve and Roman's work on MV has been a great source of knowledge and inspiration. So getting to have the first hand experience in the class was wonderful. Even though it was only a single day, we covered a lot of ideas. Honestly there is still a lot of that swimming around my head so it is hard to summarize. All I can say is, if you have the chance, take this class! We worked on a post-apocalyptic base during the class. Here's what I came up with
    Name:  NO_03.jpg
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Size:  160.1 KBName:  NO_04.jpg
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    Unfortunately I forgot it at the show, so these are the best pictures I have at the moment. But Roman and the staff saved them, so NOVA will be sending it to me later. I'm seriously considering starting a 75mm post-apocalyptic scene soon, so this and the other class will be very helpful in setting up that project.

    Finally, I've now put the orc up in P&P. It's the same as you've seen in the gallery here, but here is the link in case anyone would like to vote there too:

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    I thought I'd share a little preview of some new projects on the horizon...

    Now that NOVA is done, I'm looking towards the next big show I hope to attend, Crystal Brush. The rules and categories are rather strict there, so it's one that definitely needs some planning. I want to finish off the pirate scene (Redghar, the dwarf, and the monkey) and my Count Melenth bust to enter into the diorama and bust categories. The diorama entry is sort of a just for kicks thing. It's such a competitive category that I'd be thrilled just to make the cut. Anything beyond that would be amazing. The bust category is still tough, but one I feel like I at least have a shot in. Aside from that, I'm trying to figure out what my entry for Large Scale will be. I thought about completing another of my ongoing projects, but nothing seemed quite right. So I think I'll do something completely new. Here's the two leading contenders...

    1) Lozza from Latorre. This is a 75mm figure I'd pre-ordered a while back. In theory it should be shipped next month. When I first saw the WIP pictures of the sculpt, it made me think of a post-apocalyptic scene in the style of mad max. While it's technically a fantasy piece, I think I'd like to do a minor conversion (change what's on his head to some goggles, maybe add a few more modern/futuristic accessories) and place him in a post-apoc setting. It's a fantastic sculpt, so would definitely be a fun project and I think a good competition piece.
    Name:  L01.jpg
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    Having mostly decided on that, last night I saw another figure on facebook which caught my attention and I ended up ordering it, so...

    2) Female Orc Champion from GT Studio. This is a 70mm scale (~85mm tall) figure and it would be a continuation of the larger scale orcs I've been doing. I had some initial color ideas when I looked at the sculpt, thinking skin tones more in the blue and purple range. The scene is still up in the air. Maybe I'll do a charred ash-style base with hints of lava, letting me to a bit of red OSL on the lower part of the body to contrast with the blues and purples in the skin. With the other piece I've got something of a story in mind for the scene (I mean, he's holding a severed head so clearly something just happened). For the orc I don't quite know what I could do for a narrative. But she's a bad ass looking warrior, so maybe that's enough.
    Name:  FOC_01.jpg
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    So, those are my current ideas. What are your thoughts? Any suggestions or ideas? I wouldn't be surprised if I start painting on both and then just focus more on the one that seems to be headed in the better direction. The hardest part right now is waiting. I just want to have the pieces and start painting, but Lozza is still at least a month away and the Orc is being shipped from Spain. Sigh... at least the waiting will give me plenty of time to plan out those scenes and hopefully get some progress done on the stuff I've already got!

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    A post-apoc Lozza would be awesome. If you can get the conversion and scene right, I know your painting skill can get it to medal level. Also, congrats on your NOVA success.

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    CANNOT WAIT FOR THIS!!! David by the way I'm convinced after looking thoroughly over the orc , the dragoon and the north Umbrian. Between the faces detail and themes along with color choices and details you have the MOST REALISTIC PAINTED MODELS THAT IVE SEEN FROM ANYBODY ELSE. And to me your just hands down my favorite artist in this industry!!!! And your my best friend!!!

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    Thanks, Fluister and BAM. BAM, one of the best parts of the hobby is that I've been able to make friends like you through it! As for realism, I still envy the work of Sergey Popovichenko... but I'll take the compliment. ;P

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    I would say female orc but you must be tired of the filthy animals by now. Maybe the post apoc dude though i hear power armour is very fun to paint and there even a new mark floating around these days...
    "Remember, you can't spell paint without a little pain."

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    Both very nice figs, for me the post apocalyptic one would be my favourite. I'm starting to get a bit put off figs where the axes etc must weigh at least half a ton and no way could even the most pumped strong man on steroids wield the damn thing. So the smaller chopper the bloke has would seem more realistic and indeed faster/deadly a weapon. Maybe a Jezail style musket strapped to his back? I imagine there are quite a few 75mm accessory rifles kicking about or reasonably easy to scratch build.
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    Victis hostibus tuis tibi rapitur videre et audire fletum mulierum. (or as near as google can do it!)
    Here be my ranking=
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    Victis hostibus tuis tibi rapitur videre et audire fletum mulierum. (or as near as google can do it!)
    Here be my ranking=
    Here be my gallery

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    Victis hostibus tuis tibi rapitur videre et audire fletum mulierum. (or as near as google can do it!)
    Here be my ranking=
    Here be my gallery

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    AGHHHHHH work damn you try again
    Victis hostibus tuis tibi rapitur videre et audire fletum mulierum. (or as near as google can do it!)
    Here be my ranking=
    Here be my gallery

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    Zab, ha, well I have been tempted by some of the new space marines. I tend to avoid those smaller scale pieces, but I just might paint a copy of the new primaris chaplain at some point.

    Andy, cool idea and thanks for the video link. A rifle strapped to his back would definitely be a neat touch, thanks for the tip. I've already ordered a 1/24 scale dirt bike model to use in the scene. I wanted to add a vehicle, but a car that scale would make the scene huge. So I started thinking motorcycle. Turns out there aren't many motorcycle kits in that scale, but I found something that should work. Once it arrives, I'll have to start Mad Maxing it up. I've already got a folder of reference photos from the movie. If I don't use the rifle on the main figure, maybe I'll use it as one of the pieces on the bike. By the way, at the moment I haven't decided if the bike will belong to the main figure or to the guy who lost his head. I've got ideas for the scene, but lots of details to still work out

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    Looks like the historical illustrated 2 is available now.
    You didn't make it easy with the price.
    On one hand I'm pretty sure the articles in it are worth it.
    On the other hand the pdf costs almost as much as a printed white dwarf from gw... (don't have to explain why, I'm fully aware of it, just was a bit suprised)

    I'll really have to think about it. Especially as I feel my painting is regressing towards ttq, so quality tutorials become less and less important.
    The 2nd issue I'll probably buy to see, but I'm uncertain for the future issues.
    Forgot, that it works again.

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    MAXXxxx, yeah, we'd like to make it as cheap as possible. But the costs involved and the need to compensate the people who write the articles has made it hard to go much less than that. But, we try to make up for it by trying to really pack it full of useful content! If you're on the fence, be sure to check out the announcement on FigureMentors. You can get a good look at the table of contents and a quick peak at one of the articles. That should hopefully give you and other people a better idea on whether or not this issue will be useful or interesting for you.

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    While I'm waiting for the orc and lozza to arrive, I've been getting back to some old projects. I'd really like to finish up the Count Melenth bust and bring him with me to Crystal Brush. The place where I was stuck on him was the OSL source. The glow on his face had gotten a bit too bright, so I couldn't get much brighter as I moved down the body. This makes it hard to have an unseen light source below the figure and thus I want to sculpt a hand holding a light source closer to the face.

    By the way, for future reference, there were two mistakes I made here or at least two things I did which lead to this dilemma. Having the glow on the face too bright was one. The other was making the main light on the face so bright (and skin so light). In order for the OSL to read well, I needed it's brightness to be at least somewhere near the main light. If I'd made the main lighter dimmer and darkened the face more, then I could have more easily made the OSL dimmer and had somewhere to go in terms of brightness farther down the figure. I suppose I could try and repaint a good portion of the face to correct that, but I've done so much work I really don't want to redo it all (hence my attempt to sculpt a solution instead). Still, it's a good lesson to learn and if I do something like this again I will approach it a bit differently.

    Anyway, a few months ago I made a first attempt at sculpting a hand. Well, technically third attempt, but first actually completed hand.

    I was pretty happy with that, but I still felt it wasn't good enough. The figures felt a bit boxy, the pointer still looked off, and it just didn't seem to match the figure. In testing it's placement, I also felt that no matter how good the hand looked, it's positioning would still feel awkward. So I decided to try a different approach. Instead of the right hand holding a magical blue flame, I'd have his left hand holding a cane with a glowing orb on the end. I think I can position this so it won't look awkward and will still provide a logical source for the light. I started sculpting this weekend. I've still got a ways to go, but here's how it's looking...

    I began with an armature, slightly different than the last one but I liked it better for positioning the fingers.

    I then started sculpting over it. I began with a very thin layer for the main body of the hand and baked it so I had something to work over. I then did a second layer where I started the figures and added another wire for the thumb, then baked that. Reasonably happy with the structure, I started to flesh it out and further develop the shape and start adding details on the back of the hand. That's the current state and I plan to work on it more before baking it again.

    It will be positioned so that the main view is of the back of the hand and upper part of the fingers, so those are my main focus. Once those are done, I'll do the rest of the fingers and inside of the hand. Still got a ways to go and, if it's not good enough, I'll give it another try (and perhaps another try after that). But I'm hoping if I continue slowly and carefully, this one will be decent enough that I can use it. Fingers crossed!
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