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    Congrats on the new arrival

    work is boring when it gets in the way of my painting.

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    Woo hoo congratulations! Yep slings are awesome cuddles are the best thing in the world! Happy days.

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    Thank you, everyone! It's been a fun, exciting, and exhausting few weeks! Not much painting time, but I did manage to make a little progress on the Dragoon.

    On a completely different topic, I decided I wanted to try my hand on a vehicle project. I picked up one of the steampunk style Fish Subs from Industria Mechanika. I love the stuff they come up with, even if most of it is outside my comfort range. There is a nice thorough walk through of the other fish sub in a book from Rinaldi Studio Press (check out a review here). I'm hoping that along with some vehicle weathering tutorials will help me find my way with this project.
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    Really glad you're finding time to paint, David. I'm a big believer in 'keep yourself sane in times of stress'!
    The dragoon is looking gorgeous. Those subtle variations of white & cream are a treat to look at, and the red is just killer. In a sea of incredibly well-executed historical models, that one will stand out.
    I'm also excited to see the Industria Mechanika sub take shape. I've admired those models myself, and I can only imagine what you'll turn out. I'm eager to see a painter of your skill step "outside [your] comfort range".
    Anyway, thanks for the update at such a busy time for you & your family. Hope everything's going great!

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    It was a matter of time I suppose!!! This is the crystal brush winner!!!! No 1 nobody has it and no 2 nobody can paint it as good as you will David! I will watch this closely and steal more tricks from my mentor!!!

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    Looking forward to see the sub devellop. such a great model done by such a great artisit must become something realy amazing. Can't wait.

    Wish you a lot of painting time,


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    The dragoon looks great, like a masterclass of two difficult colours to get right (black and white) I'm also looking forward to seeing the sub come along, itll be nice seeing what you come up with on something so different from your comfort zone models

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    WTH? One little baby and Mr. Powell goes off the deep end and assembles a model from Finding Nemo to paint up! Lol

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    Seriously though, the sub looks like a fun project.

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    Thanks, all. Krule, ha... well, I've got to start doing some more kid friendly stuff at some point.

    Wasn't able to do any painting since the last update, but I did spend some time thinking about other projects I might want to do. I've been feeling the need to do some more fantasy-related pieces but have had trouble finding the right figure to work on. One idea I came back to was an earlier plan for my dwarf pirate. Although I was going to do him as a stand along figure and even built (and partially painted) a base for him... that was mainly so I could enter him in Crystal Brush. My original idea was to put him in a multi-figure scene and give him a crew! Since I wasn't able to finish him in time for this past Crystal Brush, I thought maybe I'd scrap the base and go back to my first plan.

    As far as his crew goes, what do you think of pairing him with Redghar from the Black Sailors range? Size-wise they fit, both are 1/35 (though the orc is a good deal taller than the dwarf). I think they'd look pretty good next to each other...
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    I'm tempted to do Redghar with a very dark green skin tone, as a black orc, using the same colors as the Dragoon's coat. I probably would shift it a bit towards the lighter end by expanding the highlight area... but something like this
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    I'm not entirely sure if that's a good idea or not. Still mulling it over. What do you all think?

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    I like the idea of dark skin for the orc but the dragoon coat looks more in the bluish range than green to my eyes, maybe shift it more towards the green range for orc skin and it should look cool

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    maybe brown skin with blues in the shadows?
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    The dragoon looks ABS FABS AS IS!!! The black orc idea is also ideal!!! Great brainstorming and as usual it's hard to keep impressing us when your standards of painting are incredibly high!!! ;p

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    Thanks, Sicks, Zab, and BAM! Sicks, the coat is dark green mixed with dark purple, then highlighted with grey... so it's not exactly in the traditional green-range. It's still coming across as green to my eyes, but there are definitely teal tones, so taking it into the blues as well.

    Zab, the brown would look good, however that's what they did in the box art and I wanted to try something a bit different.

    I had a bit of painting time yesterday and, instead of working on the Dragoon, I decided to jump right into painting the orc. As I said, I've been wanting to work on a fantasy piece. I opted to go with colors similar to the Dragoon's coat for the skin, though I made some minor adjustments. This is still very much a work in progress. You can see I've only done a portion of the face. When I've done the rest, I'll go back in with some glazes to continue to tweak things and add more color variation. This is my first (serious) attempt at orc skin, so I'm figuring out things as I go.
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    I think this colour scheme is really going to work, something very different. The execution is as usual faultless. It's great to see you trying something like this, adapting your historical expertise into fantasy will be a fascinating road to follow.

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    I can see the green tones much more with the orc (and the dragoon coat for that matter now, maybe the sunlight was changing my perception last time I looked) hes already looking awesome, can't wait to see more

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    Really liking that skin tone. I'm thinking that would be a cool look to go with on the Troglodytes from the Massive Darkness campaign. Writing it down as the minis won't arrive till next year.

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    Thanks, Gandalf, Sicks, and Grayfax!

    Grayfax, if it's any help, here's a bit more detail on the mix I used... For the basecoat, I used Dark Green from Badger Minitaire and Burgundy Wine from Reaper (roughly 2 parts green to 1 part burgundy). To shade, I mixed more and more Burgundy wine into the base color. To highlight, I added a 50/50 mix of Dark Elf Skin and Vampiric Shadow into the base. For the topmost highlights, I used pure Vampiric Shadow.

    You can use substitutes for all those paints, just get similar colors. You can see three of those four colors below. The reason I used a 50/50 mix of the Vampiric Shadow and Dark Elf Highlight has nothing to do with those specific colors, I just wanted a grey that was lighter than the Dark Elf Highlight, but not as light as Vampiric Shadow... so I split the difference and mixed the two.

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    Cool... thank you very much for the additional info!
    Also... paints made in Texas?!? Right here in my own backyard?!?
    I don't know why I thought Reaper was also a UK product... Hmmm...
    Maybe my bride won't notice a couple dozen new paint bottles sneaked in, right?

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    No problem. I like their paints, they're primarily what I use. If you want to check out a few before investing in a lot, I recommend trying some of the skin tones. They've got a lot more variations than most other paint lines when it comes to skin colors, so ideally you can get some paints that add something new to your collection rather than just replacing a color you already have. On another note, I know Texas is a huge state, but if you're not too far away you might want to consider checking out Reapercon in October. They've got a lot of classes on painting and sculpting and a very nice painting competition. The painting comp is based on the open system, so medals are awarded on merit rather because you beat out someone else. That makes it more like an art show than a painting contest.

    I did a bit more work on Redghar. I made a few tweaks to the upper part of the face and then took care of the green on his jaw. Up next I'll take care of his ears and the back of his head (and blend it all into what I've already done). Doing these colors with the high contrast is tough work and I'm finding it easier to go about it in small sections at a time. Of course I've also got to do his torso and arms like this too so that is going to take forever to paint. Ugh, what was I thinking! =P
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