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    In the past I've used GW glazes. Their glazes are fine, though I thin them further with water (50/50 or more). They're decent out of the bottle, but still a bit too thick for smooth blending.

    For the dwarf and all of my more recent figures (past year or so), I've been using inks. I thin these with regular water as well. In this case I use a lot more water. I've got a well palette. It tends to be two or three drops of ink, then fill up the well almost to the top with water. I like to use a squeeze bottle with the angled neck (like the one picture below). It's an easy way to add exactly how much water I want.
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    The nice thing about inks and the GW glazes is they tend to respond well when you're just using water to make glazes from them. If you're making a glaze from a regular paint, then something like glaze medium along with the water can be helpful (and often necessary).

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    Thanks Bailey. I've been experimenting with GW's Shades and I'm liking some of the results I've got with them. I've been toying with the idea of using some inks. I don't want to break the bank on an experiment so would you recommend any particular colours that would be useful to start with? Apologies for spattering you with questions.
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    I was hoping we'd get an update to your WIP today, but I didn't expect a lesson! Thanks!
    When you say you put purple under the eyes of your normal human toned faces, do you mean the bags beneath the eyeballs, the overhang of the eyebrow, or something else or both?
    I'll probably have more questions if you're willing to take them. Thanks again!

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    ArchArad, yeah, the GW shades are nice too. However they tend to be darker colors, so it just depends on what you're going for. As for what colors... I guess it depends on what you plan on painting! I get a lot of mileage out of my red, purple, and blue inks. Those are the key ones I use for skin, but they're also colors I like so they have other uses too. If you're trying to save money, you can make the red and blue to make your own purple, so that saves you one buy right there. A brown ink is also helpful for wood, leather, etc. I don't use my green or yellow ones much, but others might. If I had to start with just one ink, I'd say get red. Not only is it useful on skin and such, but it's also helpful when painting red. Highlighting can shift the red towards pink or orange. A nice glaze of red ink at the end will help bring it back to a nice red color.

    SaintToad, yeah, I'm waiting for some more interesting progress on the samurai before I post it. As for the purple under the eyes, the main spot is the bags under the eyes. Blue would work too, by the way. I just happen to like purple there for whatever reason. I will occasionally use purple to deepen the shadow created next to the eye, there the brow goes to the side of nose. At that spot, it's more about exaggerating the shadows than creating a color shift.

    Of course, if you've got a female figure, you can use blues and purples above the eyes to make it look like the figure is wearing eye shadow.

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    Gr8 question shelagh I concur what do you use and what is it cut with

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    Thank you for your advice. I'll have a careful think before I go to the art store - otherwise my enthusiasm may get the better of me.
    Painting is easy when you don't know how, but very difficult when you do. ~ Edgar Degas

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    If you are buying GW washes, get Agrax Earthshade - that one will get used no matter what! If you can get hold of some Secret Weapon washes, those are really good too. They have several blacks that aren't all that black, I use those a lot.

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    Shot Bailey Great write up. Added to my future things to try. . . Once I get my house done and my painting Area set up. Good times.

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    Thanks, Canny.

    Quick note to anyone planning on competing at the Crystal Brush this year, they just posted the updated rules and categories for 2016. It's worth a read. They posted more information on how they do the judging (listing their criteria) which is interesting to look through. The two big changes I saw there (1) no sculpting category and (2) entries are due by 6 pm on FRIDAY, not noon on Saturday. Last year there was only one sculpting entry, so I doubt that change will cause a problem for very many people. But, if you're just planning to come for the painting competition, that early cutoff for entries could be an issue.

    Well, I've got some more of the samurai to show. I've added a few more pieces. Still in the process of painting them, but you can see where it's headed.

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    That is all.
    Painting is easy when you don't know how, but very difficult when you do. ~ Edgar Degas

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    I don't like the silver pants or the way you've blended the left hand the same colour as the background.

    Apart from that he looks epic.

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    Yeah, i think the changes to crystal brush have really thrown him off his game o_O Plus that hand looks all desaturated and weird, like he dipped it in primer or something.
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    Thanks. And don't worry, I'm way ahead of you. Remember, the Crystal Brush uses a blue background for their photos, so the hand and pants will really stand out there.

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    Kinda disappointed that they are keeping the display cases in the vendor hall again this year. Since that closes at 6pm, you can't really look the entries when the crowds die down. It is interesting that they are doing the judging earlier, maybe they've learned not to wait until the last minute.

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    ROFL . You all really crack me up.

    Each layer of assembly increases my respect for your skill Bailey. I'm excited to take your face painting class even though it is well past my bed time.

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    ^^^ I tried to sign up for the class, but it was booked.
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    Sorry, krule. I didn't pick the times. It's a bit late for me too... guess I'll have to stay on California time.

    MrJim, we added a third section for the class. It's another late one, but there are still spots available.

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    LMAO you guys kill me. Baily I have sent my praise to you time and time again, just keep on cranking out amazing work. So fun to watch.
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    Top 3 easily really really Super duper uber grouper salmon monkfish easy...

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    Thanks, BAM!

    Well, real work has been seriously cutting into my painting time. But, since it also gives me money to buy new figures, paints, and brushes, I won't hold a grudge. I did a little more work on the shoulder plates. It's easier to see when you compare the new photo next to the last one.
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    And I've also made progress on the helmet. The main layers of laces are finished. Now I just need to do all the details around them.
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