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    I think the nose looks good, it helps to draw the eye back to the center of the face from the chin and tusks.

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    Not a problem with the nose, or anything else. I think going too red might distract attention. Love the fact it's kind of desaturated yet poping. Top work.


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    Stick with your original plan, trust the force "Bailey"

    work is boring when it gets in the way of my painting.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kretcher View Post
    Stick with your original plan, trust the force "Bailey"

    I agree w. everyone else. As Sicks said, seems like the purple is a natural substitute for red areas with this flesh tone. I'd save the red for the scarring just as you've done.

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    Really nice stuff, very much enjoying watching this the teal/deep grey tone you have going on here.

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    I agree with your own assessment that you're leveling up with this one. You've achieved just a razor sharp level of detail & differentiation on each element of the figure. It really looks like you're at a point where you can paint what you want without technical limitations... you seem like a humble, hard-working guy, Bailey, but you have reached a godly level of plopping paint onto little pieces of metal & resin.
    I agree with the consensus that there is nothing wrong with the purple nose. In my opinion it works perfectly with the overall skintone. I completely love those lips and the scarification on the chin, too!
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    Holy shite is this amazing!!!- AS IS!!!

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    I think I am starting to hate you a little bit....this is too awesome for having a newborn in the house. Lol

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    Thanks, everyone. So looks like I'll keep the nose as it is. I'll probably do a little tweaking when I get to the glazes stage, but not a full repainting.

    No new photos of the orc to share, but I've got a future project that I could use some advice on. I'd like your help brain storming a diorama piece. The figure below arrived from NutsPlanet just the other day. I really want to do another OSL dominated piece like the hobbit and thought this would be a fun figure to work with. Instead of fantasy this would be set in a modern/post-apocalyptic setting. What I'm trying to figure out is the scene around him. I'd like to add one or more additional figures to add drama and tell a story with the piece. Here's what I'm thinking...

    A) Place some foe in the scene which the main figure doesn't see but we do. My initial thought was to do something related to zombies. It's something easily understandable (zombies = bad) and makes sense with his equipment (gas mask, weapons, survival gear). What I'm stuck with is how/where to put a zombie in the scene that adds drama (ie he's about to be bitten) and also makes sense... how did the zombie get behind him without him seeing it? Zombies aren't especially stealthy or cunning. I could put a zombie in front of him, but that doesn't work as well. The figure is not reacting, so it doesn't make sense to put his foe in his line of sight. I could use some other threat like a monster or a human. The problem there is the story becomes trickier. If it's a human, how do you clearly convey that these two are enemies? If it's a monster/mutant, what's the background? Why is there a modern looking figure paired with a monster?

    B) Make this guy the bad guy of the scene and have him searching for our hero. Maybe I could find/make a hiding child figure and then place it just outside of his line of sight. I don't know if the story/drama is as strong with this option as with the previous one... but it's just something else I'm considering.
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    Now, whatever I do, I don't want the scene to be too large. The base can't be huge, so everything has got to be packed into a close area. Also, if the other figures are commercial kits (1/24 scale - 75mm), that would be ideal. If I can convert an existing figure, that's okay too. Worst case I can try to sculpt it (nothing too complicated) or commission someone else to sculpt it.

    So that's the problem I'm trying to solve. I'll keep working on it, but I'd be interested to hear your thoughts and suggestions.

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    Definitely a mini for your quality osl
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    Thank you for asking but I don't do commissions.

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    Bailey, great work on the Orc. On the apocalyptically scene, I think you could have a zombie just entering the sphere of light from the lamp. If you did this in the pool of light behind the character, you could do one or two in front that are still in the darkness, implying that the central character has walked into a nest without yet realising it.

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    My initial thought was to have an unseen enemy there with him too. To me the pose doesn't look like he is expecting danger, so for the scene I think that's worth bearing in mind, for example if he were exploring an underground tunnel or something you would expect him to have a weapon at the ready. My experience with unexpected zombies from games or films/TV is either they look like they are already dead until you get close and they try to eat you, or they are hidden by mud, water or rubble so you could make a small scene where maybe he's found a stash of supplies and as he's inspecting an unseen zombie is appearing, it could be a woodland scene with a zombie coming from a river or deep mud or a building interior that has collapsed maybe and have just the arm shoulder and head emerging from the pile. If you were to find a different sort of enemy then clinging to the ceiling of something could be another place he might not have noticed but I'm not sure what kind of enemy could fit for that. Alternatively you could do a post action scene where maybe he has saved somebody who he is now looking for, I'm not sure if any cowering type figures are out there but maybe a child hiding behind something and have him dirtied up and maybe some blood spray. Just brainstorming some thoughts your way, maybe you can pick out parts you like the sound of and take them in another direction.

    Closing thought which just occurred to me before I hit the post button, a sewer tunnel with some kind of warnings written on the wall, have him lighting up the side wall with some sort of sprayed writing on the wall, doesn't need to be too fancy just something like "th dead are walking!A" or "safety ahead", that sort of thing with a small step into the central water flow, this could just be a shallow surface of water, with an arm reaching out towards his ankle.

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    Less is more. Guy with lantern. Stuffed toy on ground just within circle of OSL. Creepy gloiwing eyes in the darkness at about child height. Done
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    Thanks for the ideas. Zab, you could definitely be onto something with your less is more idea. Sicks, also some great ideas. I like the thought of having him light up/see a sign warning of some danger but now it's too late for him. If I stick with my first thought, using rubble or something else that had been covering/hiding the zombie could definitely work.

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    I think you start with what you 'know' about this character. Obviously, all this is purely interpretive, but I find it more useful to imagine things as being just so, and not get bogged down in stressing that this is all make-believe. Just trying to clarify that my talking as if things are definitive doesn't mean I regard them as settled. So:

    He's got his feet flat, his knees locked; not only is he not actually moving, he doesn't expect to need to move quickly.
    He's got his arm out holding a heavy lamp in an uncomfortable position, with his eyes focused apparently by what it's illuminating.
    - I agree with Sicks that he's looking at something, maybe reading it. As he's not actually scrutinizing what ever he's looking at, it seems like it's important (the lamp), but not exactly mysterious (the lack of forward lean).
    He's hefting a full pack, which hangs by one strap (so this pose is both a new and short-term pose).
    - I feel like he just arrived somewhere. He's so well-prepared, so I assume he was headed here, and didn't merely stumble by.
    He's heavily armed, but none of his weapons are ready for use.
    - Yeah, that zombie is going to get him! If the threat is close, it's probably already too late. This might allay your concerns about zombies' lack of stealth. I'd imply vulnerability to an ambush/opportunistic attack.

    I like the idea of his reading a message. He looks like he knows the general threat, but not the immediate danger. I would maybe go with a 'bitter disappointment' theme, whatever the zombie equivalent of NO VACANCY is at the long of his long and difficult journey. Alternatively,
    a message implying that the survivors have moved on. The focus of the figure is so strong (which you can increase even further with OSL), that you could actually include a fairly detailed written message for the viewer to discover. You could possibly situate him somewhere hopeful (hospital, rural police depot, whatever) but make it clear from the scenery that the security he had hoped to find has been swallowed by the zombie horde. Finally, I think your scene would be most terrifying if the danger is offscreen (as Zab suggests); I would add plenty of details to reward looking at every little bit from every angle, but I wouldn't go with sparse, exactly. I would make a tight scene and pack it with hiding places, deep shadows, doorways or other points of access that lead beyond what we can see, and by that create a very claustrophobic scene. The figure's lack of apparent wariness would make the viewer uneasy if we feel that the threat could be anywhere, or everywhere. Horror Movies 101!
    Anyway, I'm sure your work will be amazing and exceed my expectations whatever it is! The figure is awesome.

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    Some great thoughts from saint there, some ideas for alternative bad guys, he looks a bit post apocalyptic so most of these ideas come from films and games of that nature (especially fallout)
    Ghoul - for all intents and purposes these are pretty much zombies, suffering major radiation sickness which has sent many of them feral.
    Raider/bandit - self explanatory, but would be quite believable as to why they haven't been spotted since they would be more cunning than zombies
    Some mutated beasty - fallout is a good reference for a bunch of these, giant scorpions, radiated bears, some are more b movie style like giant fire breathing ants but almost anything could work for this.
    A variation on the zombie idea - I recently saw a series on TV called wayward pines where (without any spoilers just in case) the bad guys are basically naked bald humans with razor sharp teeth and claws, fairly zombie-like but possibly easier to convert from a model or one of those mannequins you can get like this: again more sneaky than a generic zombie with at least a basic level of intelligence, think animalistic humans

    Hopefully I've not overloaded you with ideas but I think once you've chosen the scene it will help narrow down the kind of enemy you might want to go with it

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    When I see this mini it makes me think cold and desolation like "30 Days of Night" or "The Thing" (Kurt Russel version of course! ).

    -standing in front of a porch with the light illuminating a trail of blood leading through the snow under the porch.
    -standing behind a malamute dog outside an Antartic read arch station with the lantern illuminating the dog.

    then again I love Zab and Toaf' ideas. Any way you go would be cool. If you want something more modern Google "cliffhanger call of duty".

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    Yes krulebear exactly this it's definitely the Thing arctic smashed up dog pen and then mutant alien changeling dog coming up behind him .......shudders.......creepy and also why he isn't on guard because it's that part of the movie were no one knows what's going on yet. Brilliant film Kurts best for my money even better than Snake!
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    How about he's come to a wall with two closed doors, in this moment, he's trying to decide which door to open,.. but on the other side of the doors is,.. (insert monster of choice here)

    Or,.. (given the military-esque feel of the piece),.. he's found an old crashed airplane, and is looking at the door he's about to open, but inside the plane are the zombie remains of the pilot/co-pilot?? Sorta taking a page out of the zombie-island scene from the cartoon Heavy Metal. If you haven't seen it, you should. Be some great inspiration there.
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    It's only a flesh wound!!!

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    Him in a cave and behind him just a tail or tentacle retracting into hiding call it unseen enemy!!!

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