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Thread: Bailey03's WIP

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    He's awesome, Bailey! The sword is a real beauty. I hope we get another article or two out of it. I'm glad somebody had an award to give you for such excellent painting and basework!

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    Congrats on the award, David. The Dragoon turned out amazing. And I'll be using your shiny boots tutorial when I paint a similar figure for WME.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bailey03 View Post
    Yeah, I just found them the other week. They have some interesting stuff, though not every piece is a winner. ... My only concern with some of their stuff, and I noted this in the review, is that details which looked good on the 3-D render, came out pretty light in the actual 3-D print or the cast. For Valentina, that was the fine detail design on her shirt/vest.
    The mini from them has arrived. You were right, details are soft as 'expected' of a 3d print, but usable, so no regrets.
    Forgot, that it works again.

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    Beauty mate well done on the masters award!

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    Proud of you one desreves it more!!!

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    Get that damned dragoon out of the way! He's blocking that gorgeous pillar!!! Stellar work again
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    Quote Originally Posted by Zab View Post
    Get that damned dragoon out of the way! He's blocking that gorgeous pillar!!! Stellar work again
    rofl that pillar is pretty awesome, especially with the dirt buildup at the bottom!

    Congrats David, well deserved and a beautiful piece.

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    Congrats David

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    Thanks, everyone!

    I was thinking I might do some painting over the weekend, but ended up going on some family outings instead. But it wasn't without any hobby related activity. I picked up this castle model to do as a fun little side project. It's from a company called Metal Earth which makes 3D metal model kits that you clip and build from several etched sheets. I snapped this picture shortly after I'd started. I'm not about 75% finished with it, so should have it done in the next couple days. It's been a fun little project, might have to try some more in the future.
    Name:  c01.jpg
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    As for painting, I'm getting ready to start on the Orc Brave from Ouroborus Miniatures. I agreed to paint this figure and do a painting journal for the Ouroborus Tales Kickstarter. I will still be sharing WIP pictures here, but most of the step by step stuff I do will be exclusive to the kickstarter reward. I'm also planning to enter the piece into the EadBaner contest over on the 'Eavier Metal facebook group. No rules against using it for the KS painting journal and entering into a contest too, so why not?
    Name:  ob01.jpg
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    I've assembled the figure and filled the gaps. The joint for both arms is at mid bicep with no straps or armor to hide the connection. The same is true for where the head meets the neck. So all of those connects had gaps that needed to be taken care of. The piece has since been primed and I'm just base coating him now. I'm tempted to do a two-tone orc skin. Green (well, somewhere between green and blue-green) for the back and sides, then an off-white for the belly, under the neck/jaw, and on the underside of the arms and hands. I'll probably extend that down the legs too. I'll then add further color variation on the elbows/knees, lips, around the eyes, etc. Sort of like I did with Redghar, but working with a different color scheme for the main body so probably different colors for those accent parts as well.

    I'm not quite sure how this approach will be received. After all, most painted orcs are done in solid green, not dual tones. But that feels a bit boring and there's a lot of skin on this guy to work with. I'm curious to hear other people's opinions on it. Barring an overwhelming negative consensus, I will probably give it a try just to see how it looks. Worst case, I can always redo the belly in green.

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    That tiny castle looks like a fun little project, i expect it to be expertly painted by the end of the week

    As for the orc, firstly i nearly soiled myself when i saw you were entering eadbanger since i thought we'd both be in the large mini category, then i remembered you'll be in the masters group so i can relax a little bit secondly, the colour scheme sounds interesting and a dark hide with light underbelly pushes a more bestial theme since it's a common thing in the animal kingdom, it's a fantasy piece so it's not like anyone could say "it doesn't look like a real orc!" I think it's a good idea at least which will portray a more animalistic kind of orc which i think would fit well as he looks something like a caveman hunter and doing something different could make all the difference when it comes to the judging

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    Interesting idea with the orc, funny enough I had a similar idea if I ever paint an orc after seeing this pic:

    Name:  Two tone orc.jpg
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    This orc is a bit more bestial in design than your usual style of orc, so I reckon he could benefit from the sort of skin patternings normally found on animals.

    Looking forward to seeing what pictures you can share with us
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    Thanks, Guawol. Definitely fits the savage orc feel that is part of my inspiration for the piece.

    Sicks, ha, no worries. I already submitted my entry form and did indeed check off the box for the master's category.

    Thanks, Foxtail. Hopefully I'll have something worth showing soon!

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    Bailey>> wanted to ask,. I have a samurai bust that I'm working on, and wanted to try to follow the pattern from your heian era samurai. (The orange and purple one). Hopefully you'll take imitation as the sincerest form of flattery. Mine won't be as cool as yours,.. But I'll never get there if I don't try. Just wanted to ask first in case you object.
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    Of course. Most of what I used came from somewhere else anyway. The chest pattern I found in one of my reference books. The green arm pattern came from a photo of a reinactor. And the orange cloth pattern was just a mon from one of the families. In the first two cases I adapted the designs for what I felt I could pull off. So feel free to make adjustments to make it easier to paint or add your own embellishments to improve on what I did

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    On the orc I really think this can be painted in a bicoloured skin scheme colour. The figure looks much more like an ancient orc (somewhat "neolithic" era) just as if they learned to walk straigh a couple of hundred years ago so belly is still evolving into a greener colour...

    A bit late, but anyway, congratulations on that medal Bailey, it was well deserved!! I loved the final touch of the sword, really nice and shiny nmm gold on it!

    Quote Originally Posted by Zab View Post
    Get that damned dragoon out of the way! He's blocking that gorgeous pillar!!! Stellar work again
    Yes I completey agree with Zab. LOL. But if you finally decide to throw that dragoon then, throw it to me LOL
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    Thanks! Well, I didn't get any painting done this week (aside from some simple base coating), but hopefully I'll make some progress this weekend and have something to show on Monday.

    In the meantime, here are a couple upcoming projects which will be taking my money...

    There are two kickstarters to keep an eye on next month. The first is Naughty Gears from Scale75, a series of bust based on their steampunk girls. Here's the teaser videos
    I grabbed a few still images from the video so you can see what's in store. This one is coming up on May 2nd
    Name:  Scale75Busts.JPG
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Size:  27.5 KB Name:  Scale75Busts3.JPG
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Size:  12.2 KB Name:  Scale75Busts2.JPG
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    The second is the Inferno from Aradia Miniatures. This one is a series of figures based on Greek/Roman mythology or Dante's Inferno and is coming up May 5th. They've been a bit secretive on the figures, but a few pictures showed up on facebook feeds. There's Charon ferrying souls over the river styx, Cerberus, and some other piece (not sure the exact subject, but still pretty neat looking).
    Name:  17799986_766989210129957_7057341119913572476_n.jpg
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Size:  92.0 KB Name:  17522761_942159452553050_1211822829077274507_n.jpg
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    At a guess i would say that third aradia piece is Perseus and medusa, it's hard to tell for sure from that angle but the snake like tail wrapping around the man could connect to the lady on the floor, it looks like there's a wing on the lady too, i didn't know this but apparently the Gorgon sisters (which medusa is one of) are usually depicted as having wings.

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    Well, hopefully not Perseus as the hoplite looking figure appears to be stone. Yeah, the wing threw me a bit as our modern depiction of Medusa usually doesn't have them. But that all makes sense. I'd noticed the tail, but somehow had overlooked the snakes for hair!

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    Those are pretty badass models. I'll have to give the kickstarter a look, even though I have already spent to much money there :P

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