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Thread: Bailey03's WIP

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    You're pictures all say "invalid attachment", at leas they do for me, can't see any of them.

    Also, the barbarian model came in the mail today. It's a very quality kit. It's a resin model, so nice and lightweight. There's a moderate amount of flash, but don't really see any mold lines. The separate pieces all fit together perfectly. I give it an A+, so if they have any models you're really interested in, I say go for it.

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    Thanks for the heads up, Fluister. I'm not sure what the issue was, but something about trying to host them here didn't work. I put them up on my blog and then used the insert image from URL, so the post should be corrected now. If you reload, I believe the images should appear.

    Good to know about the Draconia figure. I like a lot of their stuff. When the right project/time comes along, I'll have to get one!

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    Well, it's been about 3 weeks since I've had the chance to really do any painting on my own projects. Feels like ages! But, last night I had some time to sit down and decided to do a bit of painting on a knight I started a few months ago. I did the upper part of his surcoat and you can see a nice comparison between the more finished top section and the bottom where the shadows are just sketched on. Hopefully I'll be able to tackle the rest of it this weekend. Sorry, I was pressed for time, so just some quick cell phone shots.
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    And here are some closer views in case you're interested.
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    There are still some areas I want to go back and refine. I will probably add some heraldry on the front. I'm going to play around with a few ideas on paper first. He's got the stripe at the bottom and I'll put something on the shield, so perhaps that's enough. But something on his chest might be nice too. I kind of just want a quick fun project before I get back to the bigger long term ones (pirate scene, count melenth, and either Lozza or that female orc), so I doubt I'll get too carried away with the design stuff.

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    Looks great. And thank you,.. I've been hungering for something that isn't GW related,..
    It's only a flesh wound!!!

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    Thanks, Webmonkey! Ha, yeah, this WIP thread is generally pretty light on GW stuff. Though I should warn you, I might be painting one of the new primaris space marines in the near future. BAM is hooking me up with the primaris chaplain, I assume by using a few of his old NJ connections and getting one that 'fell off the back of the truck'. Nah, I'm sure it's all on the up and up. ;P I tend to avoid the 28mm stuff, but I think it's a really cool looking figure so I thought I'd give them another try.

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    Nice start on the red surcoat and congrats on placing in the NOVA. And my vote is for the post apocalypse figure. More fitting of your realistic style than the orv that looks a little more manga.

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    Thanks, Krule!

    I've made some more progress on the surcoat for the knight and taken some proper pictures. I'm working in sections as it's easier to focus on smaller regions (where'd I want to play the highlights here? Did I hit this fold yet? Where did I end the last layer? All easier to remember when I've got just a small region to keep in mind). The nice thing is the belts and then the splits in the cloth help to easily divide it up into various areas (upper body, waist, and then each half on the legs). I still need to do the bottom right, but that gives you a nice comparison with the unfinished sketched area.

    I made some adjustments to the top, but still need to do a bit more to get the highlights consistent with the rest. I also plan on adding some sort of design to the chest (thinking maybe a lion's head), but I still have a little bit to decide on that. So far I'm happy with the progress and it's fun to be painting again!

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