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    I'm liking the concepts
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    Thank you for asking but I don't do commissions.

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    Thanks, everyone. Krule, that's be great. I just sent you a PM about it.

    Okay, so it probably looks like I can't stay focused on a single piece... but I just had a bit of time the other day to paint and, since I knew it wasn't enough to make any significant progress on the pirates, I grabbed the knight instead. I've been dragging my feet on the metals, but decided to give them a go. I approached it using stippling to create an uneven beaten looking texture and also to help with the blends, something I find especially troublesome for the grey metals. I want to follow up what I've done here with some glazes, so not completely done... however i'm still quite pleased with the results. I still have a lot of chainmail to tackle, unfortunately stippling won't work the same way there, so I'll have to figure something out.

    And a shot from above
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    I still want to stay focused on the pirate piece. But I know there's still a ways to go on that one. So there's some motivation to also keep up on the knight, as I know that's something I can finish in the short term.

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    More progress to show on the metallics. I'd done a bit of work on the chainmail earlier (legs and neck), but wasn't happy with it and decided to redo them. I've been trying a few new things with my approach to metallics on this guy. As I mentioned in the last post, I've been using stippling to work on blending and create texture. This was used on the helmet and also the axe. Doesn't quite work on chainmail, but for larger surfaces I like it. The other big change is how I use metallic paint in my mixes. For a while, I've been using matte colors mixed into metallics to control the shine and make the shadows more matte and less reflective. With that I was also using dark, medium, and light colored metallics. In the updated version, I've abandoned the multiple shades of metallics and just gone with a medium metallic color for everything. To create the shadows I still add a dark matte color. But I think the balance of metallic to matte paint works better this way than when I was using an already dark metallic paint. For the highlights, I'm adding in a light matte color. This helps the highlight areas stay light even when the light isn't hitting them. I find blending gets a bit tricky with that (looks good or just so-so depending on the lighting)... but the approach is still a work in progress. I may get a better hang on that or I might continue to change the way I do the highlights.

    I still need to finish off the chainmail on the legs, but the rest of the metallics on the figure are mostly done (aside from some glazes which I'll apply at the end). To understand how the matte + metallic highlights work, take a look at the axe head. I've forced the highlights to be where I want them and on the tip of the blade (which is pointing downward) they remain light regardless of the light hitting the figure.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bailey03 View Post
    For the highlights, I'm adding in a light matte color. This helps the highlight areas stay light even when the light isn't hitting them. I find blending gets a bit tricky with that (looks good or just so-so depending on the lighting)... but the approach is still a work in progress. I may get a better hang on that or I might continue to change the way I do the highlights.
    I have done this as well on a couple of figures. I have even applied pure white (matte) extreme lights, very sparsely, but definitely visible. I really like the effect! But, so far I've only tried it on 30 mm figures, so I don't know if exactly the same approach will work on larger surfaces. I will definitely try it, though.
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    Thanks! I've see a few people do it and that definitely inspired me to give it a try. I think the first time I was introduced to the concept was the work on Monkeyman here at CMON. Unfortunately the images in his thread have all been killed by photobucket and his site is down. But I recall he used the approach on his Colossus piece (still in the gallery here) and that's a large scale figure with big surfaces.

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    Yeah, even though I've forgotten about that piece, I now remember when he posted it and probably that's where my idea came from, subconsciously.
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    I'm really sad his site is gone. I remember he'd done a tutorial on it and I'd love to reread that now. I think that sometimes with tutorials and lessons it can be a matter of the right time and the right place. 3 years ago, my painting wasn't at the right place to make use of the information. Now I'm at a point where it'd probably be a lot more helpful. At least there are other people out there doing that approach so I've got other sources to look to and learn from.

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    Over the weekend I finished off the chain mail on the knight. I took care of a few small details as well. At some point I'd accidentally knocked the dagger off and had to re-glue it on. That left a small chip and a bit of glue showing, which I finally got around to correcting. Not much left to do on the knight itself. I still need to paint the dagger handle. I'm not quite sure what it's supposed to be made of. There's not really any texture sculpted on, so maybe it's just metal. The box art version has the handle painted white, so maybe an ivory handle? This is why it's been ignored for so long, I just wasn't sure what to do with it. Aside from that, I've only got the arrows in the shield and then some glazes on his face and armor. Then, once the base is painted, I'll weather that and the figure at the same time. I doubt I'll get any more painting time until after the new year, so hopefully I can get this guy wrapped up in early January.

    Happy holidays to all of you!

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    Bailey03, how satisfied are you with the finished chainmail? Seems real PITA to me, I really fear to paint them as they are used to be kind of scrap sculpts.

    BTW his neck reminds me of Michael Jackson:

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    Overall I'm reasonably satisfied with the chainmail. I mean, if you asked me what are my favorite parts of this figure, the chainmail would be pretty far down the list (behind probably every other parts :P ). But, I'm happy enough that I can move on. Painting chainmail is definitely a PITA. Some sculpts make it easier than others. By far the hardest chainmail I had to do was on the Northumbrian. The recesses were so small, dry brushing wasn't an option and I had to do it pretty much all one dot at a time. At least on this piece, I could use some controlled dry brushing to start (with the darker shades of metallic), and then started going in piece by piece with the lighter shades to more intentionally pick out the highlights. I was quite pleased with the changes I made in my approach to the solid metallic portions (helmet and axe), but still haven't made a breakthrough on chainmail. Perhaps the next piece will involve more plate and less chain.

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    Damn you historicals look appealing! Stop it. I have a bunch of 40K crap to crank out!
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    Ha Im looking your knight and reading Zabs comment . . . . thinking I have some scale 75 stuff I could paint and then think Noooo must stay focused finish what you start. I really liked Camelsons barbarian that he did so I have Brock that must be able to bridge the gap.

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    The Knight looks amazing Bailey, I am totally amazed at how the red of the cloth has turned out, A very realistic soft silky look to it... can’t wait to see this guy fully finished. Outstanding work man!!!

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    very nice work indeed. really nice look to the red and metals look so real

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    Yo bailey whatever happened to that geezer with the two swords and the banner on his back I think it was leather armour?
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    Thanks, everyone!

    AndyG, do you mean Sumothay? Had to take a trip in the WABAC machine to find him. Yeah, he's sitting in the cabinet 98% complete. There's a bit on his left shoulder that I never painted. I made a base for him, but the painting on that is also unfinished. He's kind of just in figure limbo. I have nothing planned for him, I've got newer and better pieces for competitions and no real motivation to get him up in the gallery. If I found someone who wanted to buy him, that'd give me a reason to finish him up. I suppose I could repaint a lot of him, I like the metals, face, and banner, but the rest I could do better on now. But there's plenty of other unfinished projects calling my name, so without something to inspire me to work on him, he's probably going to continue to sit mostly finished in the cabinet, stuck in figure limbo. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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    It’s very good. Face full of character. I know that Dragonsreach is looking at this mini right now maybe get in touch with him dunno.
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    Hey all, happy new years!

    Well, over the holiday break I did not get around to any painting. But I did spend time starting to construct the base for my pirate scene. As you may recall, I had taken the figures and stuck them through a piece of paper and into some cork so I could sketch out the scene to scale. Using that as a guide, I began to setup the main supports for the pier. I opted to use basswood instead of balsa wood. This is going to be a relatively large scene, so I wanted something with a bit more strength. I'm also adding pins to the main joints in the pier for further strength and stability. Don't want to take chances with this piece!

    I started with some basic dowels for the posts. I got a couple sizes, so there's some variation there. I then went to work on them with a hobby knife, carving up the sizes to make them look nice and uneven. I want them to look old and weathered. I'm giving all the wood pieces for the base the same sort of treatment. Here's a look at how the support structure came together.

    I've still got a bit to do here. The front right post still needs to be distressed (though it gives you a nice comparison with how they look before and after I work on them). I'll probably add some additional posts around that one, tied on like the ones to the left. Once that is finished, I will turn my attention to the planks that will make up the surface of the pier. To get an idea of how it will look in the end, I laid down the planks (unfinished) and put on some of the accessories pieces that will help detail the final scene. KruleBear was kind enough to cast up the barrels and a couple other bits and send them to me, which were a big help in setting the scene. Thank you!

    Still got plenty of work to do. But once I'm ready to get the planks fixed into place, I can add the pin holes for the figures and really see how it will look in the end. Hopefully the planning will pay off and the piece will look the way I've envisioned it. Fingers crossed!

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    You my friend are the BEST there is at this miniature painting/ scale modeling gig. And I really DONT THINK ANYONE DISAGREES!!! Exceptional, brilliant, ultra talented all at once. The list goes on and on.

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    Ha, thanks, BAM. I can think of plenty of painters I look to and wish I could paint like them... but I'll take the compliment! =)

    I was just playing around on photoshop. I'm pretty much a novice with all but the most rudimentary of features. But still, I tried to take images of the pirate crew at roughly the same angle as the images of the base and superimpose them. It's not perfect, but I think it provides a reasonable idea of how the figures will look on the base.
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