Oh dear, oh dear new Chaos Marine stuff
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Thread: Oh dear, oh dear new Chaos Marine stuff

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    Default Oh dear, oh dear new Chaos Marine stuff

    So the new CSM stuff is up for advance order, and I dont know wheter to laugh or cry.


    Thoughts people?

    Forst thing i noticed was the prices

    Tten i noticed the silly dragon gizmothingy......
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    Well, first off a little disappointed that they didn't take the opportunity to re-do the CSM's themselves - the ones from the Dark Vengeance box had my hopes up but no, same old same old.
    The Helldrake; like the idea, not so much the execution, even though it looks like it could be a fun model to put together/mess about with. The raptors looks quite good, and happy of course to have some plastic raptors. Peeved that they went with finecast for the havoks. Love the quality the material gives but can you imagine trying to get a full squad of perfectly cast models? Also, lack of options? Mutilators/Obliterators nice to be able to pick up three in one sitting, and I guess they'll look good made from finecast, but again, lots of issues with the cast and good lord are they pricey.

    Hmm, what's left? The characters look quite cool, especially the Warsmith. Like the look of the new Codex. And the Forgefiend thing looks like it could be fun to build/convert.

    Just my two pennies.

    EDIT: Is it me or does the aspiring champion look like he should have been included in the Dark Vengeance limited box set? The style, paint scheme and the fact it's plastic would see to suggest this.
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    Honestly, I laughed, especially at the Forgefiend. Reminded me of some immature teenager drawing a bunch of (redacted) all over the picture of someone he hates.

    And one here. And another here. Oh! One there! TWO there! Ha!

    It's as if someone just sat there and was saying to themselves, "Needs more spikey things". Reminded me of DinoRiders.
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    I wasn't a fan of the forgefiend/warpfiend until I saw it in the flesh at games day with different paint jobs. Quite impressed now and it does look like fun to do. Looking at the new mini style it's quite clear that GW are after people expanding the Chaos army that came in the Dark Vengance box rather than them being an expansion to an existing army.

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    my opinion on the new style is quite mixed.

    I absolutely love how the chaos figures look like in the Dark Vengeance box, the new raptors and the champion. I really think this is how chaos marines look like, more ornate than anything else.
    Then the dragon / forgefiend and co. : for me they look silly and would never touch them.
    The f*cast things: because of bad experience (and what I see in the shop) I still avoid them like plague, no matter how good the design looks like.

    All things said it's exremely unlikely that I'll ever start collecting chaos figures (not enough time to build/paint), but those I mentioned I like how they look.

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