Much to the delight of my wife I have decided to sell many of the miniatures I will never get to. Here you can find many Limited Editions, OOP's and other rare miniatures I am letting go of with a heavy heart.

Please take a good look at the pictures. I am selling the miniatures as seen. I am happy to provide additional pictures if so desired.

All prices in €.
I am located in Germany, but will ship anywhere using Deutsche Post, provided you pay the shipping.
Paypal is available.

If you are interested, please post here or send me a message.

Thanks for looking!


Emissary of Acheron 40,00€ Mailorder only
Arkhos 8,00€ No cards OOP
Umran Kal 15,00€ OOP
Bazuka 10,00€ OOP
Hero Box: Atis Astarte 8,00€ OOP
Hogarth 7,00€ OOP

Games Workshop
Mounted Chaos Sorcerer 15,00€
Marco Colombo 15,00€ Limited Edition
Games Day 2003 Space Wolf Wolfpriest 35,00€ Convention miniature (GD 03)
Urien Rakarth 10,00€ metal
Bloodcrusher of Khorne 15,00€ metal
Lord of Tzeentch 15,00€ metal

Dark Age St. Johann 15,00€ Limited Edition of 300
Akkazu 8,00€ CMON Contest 14
Lillian Grace, Eternal Warrior 20,00€ Limited Edition (399)
Sporkqueen 20,00€ Limited Edition (500), CMON Contest 5

Special Edition Elmore Pirate Lass 8,00€ Limited Edition

Freebooter Miniatures
Freebooter Goblin 8,00€ Convention miniature

Kraken Editions
Knight Errand 9,00€ Resin

Assassin Miniatures
Fire Elemental 5,00€ Limited Edition (200)
Gladiator 3,00€ Limited Edition (200)
Gobiln 9,00€ Convention miniature (Spiel 02)

Squirrel 10,00€ Limited Edition?
Soldier 8,00€ Convention miniature

Revelation Miniatures
The Rook 9,00€ long OOP

Sacred Blade
Spirit of Divine Vigor 15,00€ 40mm long OOP