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    Hi guys and gals.

    A few of us here in sunny London are vaguely looking at getting in to Dark Age.

    Can anyone give a rough guide as to what's the best way to start? I've had a look about at the ranges and DL the quickstart rules.
    There doesn't seem to be a starter set per se, so what do people think makes for a decent couple of figures to pick up to test the waters and which of the books are must haves for learning.

    EDIT: Looking abou it seems there are starter boxes after all. Which are the best two to pick up to get the most range of rules and a decently balanced game out of the box.
    Guessing you need books 1&2 to get playing too.

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    Mr. Black here, Director of Game Design for Dark Age, and to answer your questions:

    1. You actually only need the Core Rulebook to play-everything else is supplied on our website if you truly have no interest in the fluff or backstory found in the Force List book.

    2. Each of the starters is around the same points level (300) and are quite balanced against each other. Honestly pick up a faction that visually appeals to you and you can go from there, otherwise check out my article here:

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