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    Hi all,
    I am working on a large gothic castle that is made from rigid insulation foam.
    Here are a couple of pics.To see more pics of the progress,go to my blog.
    Thanks for looking,

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    It feels more like a cathedral than a castle, but really nice this far nontheless! I'll be following this one closely.
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    Got to agree with Chrome... it looks more like a church or a cathedral than castle at the moment...

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    Thanks guys,
    And you are right about it looking more like a cathedral or church.I just used the name that was given for the original artwork from the original artist (xupypr_06) on the Turbo Squid web site.
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    Hi All,
    Here is an update of my project.I have made the upper walls and the roof and then test fitted it all.
    Thanks for looking.
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