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    I am a kickstarter/mini addict. I have no issues saying this. (My mailman will be setting traps for me when may/april comes around. Bones plus Mantic plus deamons..) So that being said, It is asafe to assume i have lots of minis. I found a kickstarter doing modular buildings in heroic 28mm/30mm scale. They are a startup, so they are not sure what We as players want. They have a few buildings posted, but are looking for more ideas. I am sking you folks, one of the more respected internet forum groups, to check out what they have, and if you can think of a building/structure they have missed, post the idea here so I can pass it along. (you can't post/comment unless you back it.)


    Thanks in advance,
    Mike Stegenga, fellowship member and soon to be village owner

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    I like that they freely admit that they have raised the ceilings of the rooms in order to accommodate minis waving swords around. They seem to feel keenly that they are not sticking to authentic medieval low ceilings, but of course it makes things more fun for us.

    They also seem to have good professional chops as toy designers and fabricators.

    The wagons and gallows look very useful in a game setting.

    The huge inn and small buildings look like an excellent mix for a medieval village.

    And of course, the talk of a gazebo piques my interest, although it's only speculation at the moment.

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    Although I'm generally 'fatigued' by crowdfunding projects, I do like the look of some that stuff - I could be tempted by the Justice Pack.

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    they just posted a matching dice tower for 45. only 100 will be made. comes with custom sign with whatever you want on it.

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    The dice tower looks pretty nifty. It matches the style of the rest of the houses.

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    They have just added a stone-look jail and a half-timbered thatcher's cottage and barn to the project. They've also included previews of the burnt-out cottage and wagon that they are adding free to all building or vehicle pledges when they reach $25,000 (they are currently just over $22,000, with two weeks to go). Basically, anyone who pledges for any vehicle gets a free burnt out wagon and anyone who pledges for a building gets a free burnt out cottage, up to four of them depending on what amount they have pledged for buildings, provided the project goes over $25,000.

    They are saying the delivery dates may be extended a bit, with top priority going to the earlier pledgers. On the other hand, if they go over $50,000 they can get a second laser cutter and deliver to everyone as early as possible.

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    If they get $30,000 in pledges they will offer a gazebo for $20.

    They're over $26,000 at the moment.

    The gazebo looks great, and has a little mean face cut into the decoration.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pygmalion View Post
    If they get $30,000 in pledges they will offer a gazebo for $20.

    They're over $26,000 at the moment.

    The gazebo looks great, and has a little mean face cut into the decoration.
    The Gazebo is from an old, old, old DnD joke.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dedwrekka View Post
    The Gazebo is from an old, old, old DnD joke.
    Ayup. I'm an old, old D&D player myself, and have known the joke for a long time.

    It'll be nice to have an actual prop for game sessions.

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    I picked up a gazebo from the halloweentown collection. It was great when I laid it on the table....
    We had a few old players - the mage had to throw a Magic Missle at it.
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    It's the last 5 days. I'm really hoping we get gazebos.

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    We get gazebos.

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