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    Default Khorne Chaos Warrior Armor

    It\'s hopeless. I can\'t get the armor on them to look like I want. Here\'s how I envision every plate:

    I can\'t seem to blend smoothly enough. Maybe it\'s because I don\'t spend enough time practicing...

    Ah well, anyone have any help for me????

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    Default Red Armor

    Hmm....I have an idea. I\'m not sure if you are using citadel paints, but you might try a basecoat of scorched brown. THen, highlight with scab red, leaving only a thin line of brown between the plates. THen blend to red gore then to blood red. Maybe even orange on the sharpest of edges. To blend, you can layer blend and add more of the lighter colour to the darker one, or wet blend by watering down the paints and siwrling them together. Hope this helps.:)


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    True blending is not possible to achieve in acrylics, and can only be imitated with an acrylic retarder.

    If you want a very smooth blend, you will have to use oil or enamel paints.

    Check in the guides and highlighting section of my website for more info:

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    Progressions are a good bet if you want to emulate blending. They look a little layered if you don\'t do it slowly enough, but if you can\'t figure out how to use acrylic retarder and those other products then this might be the way to go.

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    I have a similar colour sceme on my chaos space marines. Although they are not \"Neat\" or \"crisp\" like your gradient. They painted in a fun way that I enjoy painting large numbers (armies) of models in. I would try out something more careful for one offs.
    So it looks more like gore etc... than beautiful shading - but I still like my army...

    I bought a pot of Humbrol Gloss Bright Red, and Gloss Black. After spraying the models black I painted a coat of Gloss black and then, while it is till wet, mix in the red along the top of the plates and streak it down.

    Adding more water can give wierd chaotic swirlings. Less water gives it texture.

    Another thing - if you\'re blending etc.. with acrylics turn down your heating and open your windows because they seem to stay wet for longer on cold days. (Bloody Frozen)

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