Anyone fancy a free Kingdom Death mini?
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Thread: Anyone fancy a free Kingdom Death mini?

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    Default Anyone fancy a free Kingdom Death mini?

    Well we are giving you the chance to have one:

    One of Wamp's most loved contests is back again. Its a winner takes all event with the champion getting a copy of every new release from Kingdom death for 1 whole year!

    Now even better is the fact that every person that enters will receive $25 Kingdom death credit just for putting something in the contest. Yep essentially your getting a free mini just for entering. pretty cool eh?!!

    Full details as usual are here:

    Kingdom Death Contest Details

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    I am sooo in.
    Proud owner of a Cassar!

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    I would love to participate! It will be my first time painting something other than my own work in over 10 years
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    Consider yourself quoted!

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    A chance to win a Kingdom Death figure....oh yeah, time to clean off the work space!

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