Hi y'all !

Totally not mini related topic, but i'll get back to it soon

So, long story short, I need someone in the states that could help me get some things cannot be sold in canada. I know many of you are down there, and many are used to shipping stuff so...

Here's the full story, for my 30th birthday I wanna give myself the gift of quitting, smoking that is. Well, actually since I still love the shit, but not the hassle that now comes with it, I was planning on switching to e-cigs for now; I tried, and it totally works for me, but, thanks to Canada's completely anal legislations, the companies that makes those are not allowed to sell to us, booo!

So the plan is, I order from the company and have it shipped at some kind soul's place, who in turn ship it to me, and can repeat the process for refills later-on. I will of course pay the shipping fees and can add a little something for the trouble
So anybody willing to help me improve my quality of life by making the switch if invited to PM me.
Thanks in advance.

I will see y'all later for more mini related stuff