[H] Crimson Fists Squad - PRO painted+25th Anniversary sergeant [ebay] $$$ [PL]
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Thread: [H] Crimson Fists Squad - PRO painted+25th Anniversary sergeant [ebay] $$$ [PL]

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    Default [H] Crimson Fists Squad - PRO painted+25th Anniversary sergeant [ebay] $$$ [PL]

    We have on sale a professionaly painted Combat Squad of Crimson Fists Chapter. It includes limited edition 25th Games Workshop Anniversary Sergeant with power fist and plasma pistol, 3 marines with bolters and 1 marine with flamer.

    The whole squad was painted by a professional miniature painter. Several painting methods was used during the process to assure the best quality and optimal effect.

    With the 5 miniatures comes a custom made display base showing a fragment of battlefield with a lot of debris, skulls and parts of vehicles.

    All five miniatures can be used in games because it's possible to take them out of the base. The sergeant feet are magnetized and an additional base is provided. The 4 other minis' bases are magnetized from below. Additionally, for safer transportation the standard is also magnetized and removable.

    We'll be more than happy to answer all the question.

    We are gonna consider all offers so do not hesitate


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    It's a rare treat to see something advertised as pro-painted that actually looks good. Best of luck with these!

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