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    Default SIMONMINIATURE New's Work

    Hi there! i open new thread for always post with the same title, after Cannibal and Goliath i post a Wip of my next personal mini, an elfe, the opposite of the previous minisName:  515419001351001202images1.jpg
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Size:  14.4 KBName:  788555001351670676images1.jpg
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Size:  10.5 KBName:  159902001351671251images1.jpg
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Size:  14.2 KBmore details on my blog!

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    Thanks! i add a photos of the arabesque in the back, i think i will add a familiar to these elfe/mercenarieName:  350393001351704625images1.jpg
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    Default Goliath against David?

    I post update for my elf, David is not lucky, but now he have hands and weapons..i think i add a familiar for the elf, a gnome with firearm!Name:  859225001351870003images1.jpg
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Size:  13.0 KBName:  464322001351870282images1.jpg
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    Default the elf and the gnome

    My elf is nearly finish and is the third miniature for my range, i work on his familiar , a gnome with firearm and dagger, it's only the startName:  164288001352311744images1.jpg
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Size:  10.7 KBName:  286358001352311961images1.jpg
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    awesome! although i dig the bad guys more, they are all fantastic sculps

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    thanks! me too i prepare the brother of Goliath!

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    Awesome stuff! It's always nice to see a sculptor let loose and do daring dynamic poses and do them effectively. This is...fimo right?

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    thanks! yes it's fimo classic "champagne" with Mixquick, fimo is very good for all thin details!

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    A little update for my Gnome the friend/familiar of the Elf,they are the ennemy of Goliath and Cannibal
    i hesitate between the tricorne or the top hat for himName:  016261001352734438images1.jpg
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Size:  9.9 KBName:  027261001352734555images1.jpg
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Size:  12.3 KBSo you can see that the gnome is very small, 1, 7 mm and unluky against Goliath

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    Default Eldric and lucius

    A wip for Eldric the elf and Lucius the gnome, two old friends, and the ennemys of Goliath and Cannibal!More photos of Goliath Cannibal and their friends
    on my blog !

    Name:  imgserver.phpZ.jpg
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Size:  39.0 KBName:  imgserver.phpZA.jpg
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    again very very veeeeeeeerrrrrrry impressive!

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    Thanks Stefan, i prepare the brother of Goliath: SIEGFRIED...more chaotic!

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    Nice, how do you manage to get the cloak flowing out like that without any support?

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    thanks ! for the cloak i fix the fimo on the base and use brush for give the form.For the elfe i don't use armature but sometine i use wire with a boule of duro at the extremty for maintain the cloak.You can see the technique on my blog with the photo of the cloak of Carrowek!

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    Nice, when will the gnome be available for purchase? Looks awesome.

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    I don't know yet maybe mi december or January!

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    Excellent sculpting, nice works!

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    nice work! great sculpting!

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    I like the gnome the best, which is odd since i like the choasy evily type things most of the time. Great sculpting! They all look amazing.

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