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    Amazing work, what kind of putty do you use there?

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    Thanks to you!
    I used Fimo "champagne" with Mixquick an additif for smooth the Fimo.
    Here is a sneak peak for my next miniature for my range Marduk a dark elf creature!
    Name:  imgserver.phpA1 - Copie.jpg
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    .....STOP I CANT KEEP UP PAINTING WISE!!!! Just kidding I'm looking forward to it!
    Visit my Hobby webstore at . Also I am available for commission just shoot me a pm.

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    hey simon, did you know siegfried and goliath had a really evil badass father? you should start sculpting him

    creature looks cool to though, twisted!

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    Thanks guys!
    @Empchild:I must finish the dark elf "assassine" go with Marduk!
    @Skel:The father of Goliath and Siegfried is the god Cernunnos, i will post the following of the little text "Goliath versus Siegfried" on my blog to explain their birth and their rivalry, sorry the text is in french, my english is too poor!

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    yeah i run the text you wrote on the blog through google translator. didnt made it a lot easier than reading french

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    Yep!i can imagine that with google translator the text is reallly epic!!!

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    I also heard that the god Cernunnos had a bastard son, even more deprived than Goliath and Siegfried. When are we going to see that maniac?

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    i think Cernunnos have several son, what's son do you talk? i take all information!!

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    It almost sounds like my son when it comes to bedtime....

    work is boring when it gets in the way of my painting.

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    Default Lord DEATH

    HI guys!
    i present you Lord Death my last personal works, the first of the 4 horsemen!More photos and details on my blog!
    Name:  imgserver.php1.jpg
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    How long did it take you to get to this skill level? I just never could grasp sculpting. It seems like such an amazing skill. The people that can do it make it look so easy. Is this like a decade of practice? How long before you felt you were producing sculpts that were very good?

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    Thanks! yes the only way is the works for long time! i learn all my skills with Rackham team but i sculpted before and now more than a decade!

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    Its just not fair. Can you please donate some of your skill to me. I mean just a pinch should get me to greatness like your stuff. OMG its amazing. I am super excited to follow your WIP and see what you do next. Great stuff my friend.
    My WIP -
    "Screw paint by numbers, that garbage is for kids. Paint by BAM, now that's the way to go
    ." -Me-

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    Heja egotyk! I just realized that I have painted a Model sculpted by you not so long ago, the Moloch from Rackham! I will paint the second one differently and send you Pictures as well...^-^...

    "I think we will see a lot of such diorams in the future because Pandora box is oped, interest is huge and forum butthurt is just great." --- Decoy

    Simply Wonderful......

    Visit us at ...

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    Yess great choice of colourMatt, the Moloch is one of my favorite work i did for Rackham! i lookforward your second version!don't hesitate to share wip!

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    Do you do customized commissions? Can I draw a pic or provide some sort of reference for you and pay you for an original sculpt? Didn't realize you worked with team Rackham. Awhile back I asked CMoNers what mini company is the best, and the majority told me that I need to get my hands on out of production Rackham minis. You being a Rackham sculptor , I'd be willing to pay top dollar for some personalized miniatures.

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    No, for the moment i don't take commissions my schedule is definitely full for a long time
    I come back with photos of ZAYA and MARDUK for my Dark elves!

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    Default Zaya and marduk

    Hi Guys, i present you ZAYA the dark elf and MARDUK her dark creature, two dark elf assassin, more photos on my blog:
    Name:  imgserver.phpA1.jpg
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    Stunning work as always, a real feast for the eyes with all the detail
    Wargames Terrain Workshop
    Home of High Quality Gaming boards, Scenery and Miniature Sculpting

    Contact us @

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