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    I decided to try to carve in the scale of 28 mm and it is coming idea to do a series of goblini pirates.
    Right now I have finished the captain, two other figures are still in process.
    The figures have height 22-23 mm to the eyes.
    Material used: a mixture of magic sculpt and green matter.
    Captain - the finished piece

    some photos of the process

    some pictures of the figures in the works

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    It looks good and promosing!! Really like the first one, it seems that you catch really good expression on such a small face! I am not a sculptor myself so cannot really help, but I would love to paint them myself! Keep the good work!

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    Nice Gobos, will follow this thread to se the endresult of them all.

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    These are great! Will they be cast? I'd love to buy a set!

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    Thanks for the comments!
    Goblins were produced by this project:

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