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    Quote Originally Posted by anotherpainter View Post
    yeah.... i dont see them...
    I saw the frog in your gallery before and thought hes an very good example of that the score is sometimes very off on this site.

    Yeah that is true, dont matter that much, just glad to have somewhere to show the things i do and easy to access if someone asks

    She looks awesome. I will get one if she comes at an reasonable price. Nocturna tends to be a little bit expensive.
    Yes they are a bit expensive sometimes, i guess this one will be around 50 Euro.

    work is boring when it gets in the way of my painting.

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    My Lilith is up for voting

    work is boring when it gets in the way of my painting.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kretcher View Post
    MAXXxxx it is Nocturna that makes it, it has not been released yet, i received it in a workshop in Stockholm held by Jesus Martin where he brought them for us to paint. It will properly be released end of February.

    thank you.
    Another mini to add to my list I have to have.

    And result (the final pics) looks great.
    Forgot, that it works again.

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    Hi have started up this one again, worked a bit on the base.

    Name:  Base 5.jpg
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    work is boring when it gets in the way of my painting.

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    Kind of redone the skin, it was not so good in some types of light, so airbrushed parts in a much lighter tone and have now gone back with more glazes on to of that. Here are pic of where I am now.

    Name:  The Elf 13.jpg
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Size:  271.6 KBName:  The Elf 15.jpg
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Size:  234.8 KBName:  The Elf 16.jpg
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    work is boring when it gets in the way of my painting.

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    very nice and good inspiration.
    all this different color on his skin and it still just looks like skin.
    Tells me to try more and different colors for skin in the future.

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    I have been experimenting with the skin this time and uses more colors then I usually do, I agree it works out very well. Below is an update on the figure, I have worked some more in the skin and also started the bandages on the legs and arms.

    Name:  The Elf 17.jpg
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    work is boring when it gets in the way of my painting.

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    The use of colours adds vibrancy to the skin looking good.
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    Looks cool. I really like how the yellow-green tint of the wrappings works with the red of the cloth. The back looks like the cloth dips down into purple, looks like walking from shadow into light.
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    Kretcher, you are getting too good. Makes it hard to point out any mistakes! . Really liking the look of this one so far.

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    Had to really hunt around for something to critique:
    Are his toe nails blue?

    That's all I got. Looks excellent so far! I'm jealous of those skin tones

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    Not so much in the color palette you've chosen, but just in the use of bold color on the skin, I'm detecting an almost Frazetta-like approach. Always a good thing!

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    Thanks for all replies and Foxtail yes the toenails are a little bit blue. I have just painted them to get a base color in there . I have worked some more to harmonize the base a bit.

    Name:  Elf 38.jpg
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    work is boring when it gets in the way of my painting.

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    Small update, I finished the elf for the hobby hangout competition and was lucky to place in first place, a boost to my self confidence and a nice surprise for a prize also since they haden anounce that there where any prices from the begining.

    Here are some pictures of the finished model.

    Name:  Elf klar 4.jpg
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Size:  228.9 KBName:  Elf klar 3.jpg
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Size:  227.4 KBName:  Elf klar 5.jpg
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    work is boring when it gets in the way of my painting.

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    Dam K, hes great! You surprise me with every paint job you just get better and better. Congratulations on 1st place mate.

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    nice work mate
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    Thank you for asking but I don't do commissions.

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    Thanks everyone It was a great miniature to paint and I learned a lot on it. Will post the last two step by step on later next week. (need to get some energy for making them)

    Today I started a more relaxed project for a friend of mine, A Infinity model. I have started to paint part of the red areas with a desaturated red.

    Name:  Thomas figur 2.jpg
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    work is boring when it gets in the way of my painting.

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