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    Excellence in art!!!

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    Here are Part 1 of some older pics of miniatures that I did a couple of years ago. Kind of a story/timeline of some things I have done.

    First one of the first figures I painted when I came back to the hobby in 2010.

    Name:  img4def73a0e31d1.jpg
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    Second figure, here I have been working more on glazing and trying to do some gems. around 2012 I think.

    Name:  img4def75be91a61.jpg
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    Now we are in 2012 to 2014 and I have finally learned to do a bit more with the base also
    I have also tried freehand for first time. First figure is from 2012 and second from 2014 both are elder figures. Also a link to a tutroial on how I did the starpattern on the cloaks.
    Name:  img507bda5b41274.jpg
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    This one is fun memories on smaller paitning competitions we ahd here where we all painted the same figure Also my first figure above 8.0 in a grade here on coolminiornot.
    Name:  img53b1dc552277e.jpg
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    Pictures of my first ever painting miniature course. In Arvika in Sweden with Roaman Lapat doing then daemonette. this is the result from friday evening to sunday. Much wok aobut how to build a base, color harmonies and angels into the figure and light. Was a very nice course and helped me alot. last picture a group photo of all work being done that weekend.

    Name:  Roman 1.jpg
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    End of part 1

    work is boring when it gets in the way of my painting.

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    Here are Part 2 of some older pics of miniatures that I did a couple of years ago. Kind of a story/timeline of some things I have done.

    After last pictures I want to show the 2 first bust that I did. the frog from figone and lilith from Nocturna. Nocutrna model was started on my second course and was held by Jesus Martin.

    Name:  img58505d74a8609.jpg
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    After this I guess my win in an online competition in the hobby hangout forum is a nice memory and a big surprise didnt expect that at all.
    Name:  Elf klar 4.jpg
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    To finish this look into the history. I would say my two dogma 48 events that I have attended are very nice things. It is held two times a year in Denmark Copenhagen. You have 48 hours to build, paint and finish your modell/diorama that you have choosen to do. it starts at 19.00 on friday and finish at 19.00 on sunday.

    First pic are newly taken pictures since the old ones was not so good quality. This figurs was my inspiration to the latsest bust that I did (old woman). I tried to make the same bust look young and old here.

    Name:  Hela ramen.jpg
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    The second time I went there I brought a orc trike with me to paint, with the ide to have a sunset behind it. It leter became a fire ragin in the background. I did this to train on OSL technique. The bike toke alot of time to build so I was very stressed painting the bike. generall light wass done with airbrush work aswell as the backdrop (first time I ever did somehting like that). Below are a lot of new photos since I realised that I have only used a bad photo from a phone before

    Name:  DSC_7927.jpg
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    That is alot of pictuers and some of the figures I have painted. Hope you enjoyed seeing them again

    work is boring when it gets in the way of my painting.

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    Time for a bit of WIP of mephisto, going to be used for gaming. Around 2-3 hours left until I call it finished I think.

    Name:  DSC_7937.jpg
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    work is boring when it gets in the way of my painting.

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    Cool, I like the green color scheme. Definitely sets him apart.

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    Thanks Saint yes a diffrent color scheme
    WIP update on Mephsito some more done today.

    Name:  Mephisto second update.jpg
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    work is boring when it gets in the way of my painting.

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    Nice work on all those previous projects! I really like Mephiston in that green/purple/white color scheme

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    This is an amazing post.... Top notch improving skills!

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    Mephiston is looking great . I love it when people try out of the box colour schemes and you pulled it off well.

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    Hi all,

    thanks for comments above

    Here are some army painted tau for a friend of mine.

    Name:  DSC_7955.jpg
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    work is boring when it gets in the way of my painting.

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