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    Colour Advice needed. Have made a fast painting to show approximate colours Shoes, gloves, jacket and hat I have not yet decided colour on. Should it be black or white? I have so far gone with white no shading done... (reason is that I have a hard time to do white in a good way and therefore want to push myself.)
    But I am unsure if that will turn out to be good. What are your thoughts?

    Name:  Colette colours.jpg
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    Dark red velvet

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    Well some time since last time, have done some painting and will post two of the things here. First off is a Gremlin from Wyrd that I have painted long time ago but finally putting it on a base to be able to play with it soon. Base is not finished yet. After that is a marine choosen from the Dark Vengance box. I have choosen to do a nurgle teamed army and this is my first testmodell to get the colours and some other stuff right. Face and right shoulders is almost done and parts of the chest.

    Name:  Gremlin front.jpg
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    And Chaos Marine
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    Update, started the other shoulder, needs more finetuning to be ready. and fixed the eyes.

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    Name:  Chaos marine eyes.jpg
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    aye i should get me a few of these dark vengence minis, really cool for being marines. green armot looks solid so far what i can tell, but be careful with using more 'sharp' colors.
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    I really like that color scheme

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    Quote Originally Posted by SkelettetS View Post
    aye i should get me a few of these dark vengence minis, really cool for being marines. green armot looks solid so far what i can tell, but be careful with using more 'sharp' colors.
    Skel - despite having recently getting rid of all my 40K and WFB stuff, I have the Chaos half of the Dark Vengeance box waiting paint. They're awesome minis. Not mine, and I will be giving them back to the owner when I am done, but I had to paint them.
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    Wow. This is the first time I've seen this mini painted in Nurgle theme and I really like what you're doing with it
    And I'm appreciating the change you've made on the right shoulder. Did you add-on with putty/green stuff or take away with tools?

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    That's an add. The stock pad is blank.
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    Very nice. In places blend in some yellow greens to contrast againt's the more brown greens.
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    *smacks forehead*
    I've got that guy, with his friends, in a box just under my bed.

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    Skell - will not have to many strong colours so far it will only be eyes, and might be some "light" from the gun gem note decided yet. Not sure if I do like the eyes yet, have too think more about them¨. And the minis are really good looking. I like the chaos ones the most.
    Yaricky - thanks. When I have time I can list which colours I have used.
    RayzYR - I am happy you like it. The shoulder pad is done with green stuff. Have plans to redo the cultist with some nurgle themed GS also. just not there yet.
    TrystanGST - yeap that is right and after that I agree with RaysrYR in his next post....
    10Ball - Yeah i have some areas where I have glazed with some more yellow to add more feeling to the green. I will come back with which colours that I use any suggestions then for eventual changes will be appreciated. Will do as you said and bring in some more green in some areas. thanks for advice.

    Now back to work, currently working 5 overtime hours per day. Changing responsibility at work so I have to do handover and receive handover at the same time so basically double work just now... too little time for painting. Hoping to get a little painting done in the weekend.

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    Hi all,

    Finally had two shorter sitting the last two days. Mostly green stuff done to cultist and some tries to do wetblending on them to speed up painting process. they are supposed to be used for playing and I really need a faster way then my normal painting if I ever going to be ready with and army. Therefore I am trying out wetblending.

    Any suggestion on how to proceed to paint good army standard without putting to muich time into the figures are appreciated.

    Well first pictures of green stuff and after that the wetblending so far.

    First pic: have changed the knife arm and one breast side. I will later have some different colour scheme in those to make them stand out from the other skin areas.
    Name:  Chaos marine green stuff-1.jpg
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    Pic 2: The stomachwas supposed to be intestines, not that good. Will instead remove them and addtentacles or redo that part. The knee is supposed to be an corroded area wherepart of a skin that hangs out due to sickness. There will be some blod/gorehanging out of the hole.
    Name:  Chaos marine green stuff-2.jpg
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    Pic 3: have small “bölder” (boil in English?) on the arm. Also one area with skin deformation with some tentacles. I believe that I might need to add more skin deformity closer to the arm and perhaps some parts of the arm also to make it look better?
    Name:  Chaos marine green stuff-3.jpg
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    Pic 4 some Green stuff on the arm, both a small böld that shall have some goo leaking out of it and an area with skin deformaty. This figure I have started to paint using wetblending. Also need to fill the gap in the cloak that is what you get when you are lazy and try to do things fast...

    Name:  Chaos cultist-1.jpg
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    Following 2 pic just too show my result of wetblending and get advice on good ways to proceed.
    Name:  Chaos cultist-3.jpg
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    Name:  Chaos cultist-2.jpg
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    When given a longer session I will continue with the choosen chaos marine.

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    Some time for painting yesterday, have sculpted bases for the cultist 10 of them, not in photo and been continued with practicing fast painting. The cultist with the claw is getting closed to be finished. If I have time tonight I hope to get almost all of them in a finished state.

    Comments/ suggestions are as always welcomed.

    Name:  Chaos cultist group-1.jpg
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    Name:  Chaos cultist group-2.jpg
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    Keep up the good work! You're making me antsy to paint the rest of the dark vengeance chaos myself.
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    long time since last, small update, started to paint stomach on hellbrute...

    Name:  hellbrute-1.JPG
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    Well two things to present, my speedpainting stuff chaos marines cultist that I am doing. I have tested a Little bit more colours to add into the cultist part. also the speed part is progressing, I am now around 2 to 3 hours per figure with a better result. Also I have finished a Wyrd Gremlin that I did a long time ago, just dinished the base and entered it into the Wamp competition for fun.

    Name:  Cultist 5-1.JPG
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    Name:  Cultist front-1.JPG
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    Name:  Cultist back-1.JPG
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    Thats some chaos horde you're gathering up there, very dark and grimm looking

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    Damn. That marine and those cultists are great. I always have trouble keeping the colours drab enough for some reason.
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    Thanks Cassar and Zab,

    Zab I have a problem with getting brighter colours good, have to practice on that in the future


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