I have decided that I am going to expand my Dark Vengeance Terminator Space Hulk project to encompass 12 models in total.
I am going to make Deathwing equivalents to each of the Blood Angels that came in the Space Hulk board game. As such, I will be converting/magnatizing the DV Assault Cannon model to carry a Heavy Flamer.

I am thinking that a Terminator version of Ezekiel is going to be the centre piece of this force.
Not sure if I will give him his classic two handed sword pose, or try something more dynamic like the second pic below:

I am thinking that I will use the following components and approaches:

- Terminator legs,
- GK Terminator torso, and arms.
- I will model a hooded head to look the same as the power armoured model.
- Sculpt Robes onto him.
- Use GK Terminator sword, sculpt "swirls" and drill side indentations to represent Traitor's Baine.
- Re-sculpt the GK chapter symbol on his left shoulder to match the banner from the Power armoured model.
- Model keys and books onto him.

I am thinking that I will leave the DV Terminator sergeant as is, because it is a nicely posed model. One thing I was hoping to get some feedback on is how to have Belial represented in the force?
Should he be represented as a Thunder hammer stormshield model, or lightening claws? Thoughts? .