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    Cool Tidal Wave Redeux (KickStarter)

    Hey Folks,

    I'm not new to Cool Mini or Not (btw, loved Zombicide), but I'm new to the forums. We have an awesome miniatures kickstarter running which ends Nov 26th.

    This campaign is for unpainted AND pre-painted plastic miniatures! 3 of our figures are transparent plastic, and one of those is also huge!


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    We have 3 fantastic entry level rewards available.

    Leather Bag:: $1, choose what you want and pay custom shipping.

    DIY Tidal Wave::$30 ($15 pledge + $15 shipping for US/CAD) you get 16 unpainted minis, which include 6 transparent figures 2 of which are huge.

    Tidal Wave (the pledge level)::
    $40 ($25 pledge + $15 shipping for US/CAD) you get $25 worth of unpainted or painted minis of your choice AND the full set of 8 figures as alternate paints!

    The $25 reward is the exact same cost of the Tidal Wave set, so it's our way of just doubling down "buy a painted set, get an alternate paint set" reward level BUT has added flexibility. 16 figures is a pretty great deal and both of these low levels have em.

    The first set is nautically themed, but we are going to expand in to other themes as we reach our stretch goals.

    We hope you check us out.

    Thanks for reading!
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