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Thread: Guard v's Guard GDUK'12 Gold Duel.

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    Default Guard v's Guard GDUK'12 Gold Duel.

    Very happy to finally show my winning entry from this years uk golden demon.
    Lots of fun creating this little fight,chopping and changing lots of bits around
    to get the pose right..
    Comments and votes welcome...

    Cheers for taking the time to look.

    ijee.Dave. Wide view Details

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    Very cool! Lovely atmosphere, great attention to detail and an awesome paint job.
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    Whoa! That is amazingly cool.

    I love that old missle stuck through the zombies side.

    Do you mind telling us how you did the snow? It looks real!

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    thats awesome mate congrats on the gold love how you have given it great movement and the sense of brutality in war, plus its in the future but no guns very cool, I to would be keen to know about the snow
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    more pics here if you want a squiz

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    So much to be impressed by. Well deserving of a gold.

    I particularly like the snapshot of a story this scene depicts. They're both gonna die. The zombie will be deflected off the knife and stumble into the post, giving the sarge time to grab that handle he's reaching for and swing it up into the zombie only to find the missile isn't a dud after all and *Boom*.

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    Very nice indeed, congrats on the win

    One thing, you might want to move your website up from the bottom by a little bit, I can't read it easily

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    That's genius! Great atmosphere and painting!

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