March to Immortality event 03/03/2013 Manchester CT!
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Thread: March to Immortality event 03/03/2013 Manchester CT!

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    Default March to Immortality event 03/03/2013 Manchester CT!

    This may be a little early but The Battle Standard in Manchester CT will be hosting a 500pt extreme format tournament on March 3rd. As always if we can get 24 pre registered players it will qualify the winner to participate in the March to Immortality event at GenCon!! Air fair paid!! Plus The Battle Standard will pay for your pass!!

    We will be taking preregistrations at Temple-con as well!

    Details here:

    Stay tuned as The Battle Standard will be hosting some beginner and practice event prior to March!!

    As always any questions post em or PM me!

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    Oh yeah! Can't wait!!!

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    I will try to work this into my schedule. It would be fun to come up and meet some of you.

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    Plenty of time to schedule it! - should be a fantastic event!!

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    Just so people are aware: We will be taking preregistration's at Temple con for this event! speak to a Dark Age staff member during the convention.
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    I cleared it with the Mrs. and should be able to attend this...

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    Help me out on the translation LOL

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    I got help with the translation: "Wow, people are "burning it up"! Awesome thing. I surfed the web for three hours before I found it. Now I'll be a constant visitor to coolminiornot. ... I especially liked this one, and the admin is doing a great job supporting the site."

    Glad you like it MenceLync!

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    Just a week and 1 day away!! My Kukulkani thirst for Bio-energy!!
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