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    Want to submit my new painted mini, I spent quite lots of time painting it. I got inspired by Werwolf version of the mini...

    So here my version, start painting again since a year and this is one of my last achievement, quite proud of it even if I realize already few flaws which will be improved on the next mini.
    It was a real enjoyment to paint such mini, hopefully Rackham will come up with some new ones.

    So here the pictures, hope you like it:

    And the vote link

    Thank you in advance for your comments and/or critics!
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    Excellent work! My only criticism is the NMM on the side of the sword, the black just needs a little more blending. Aside that, the NMM on the blade edge of the sword looks great. I love the colors used, especially the variations on the face.

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    Lovely piece especially like the robes

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    I really like the unusual skin tones here -- the whole piece is so boldly coloured yet so well done. Great work!

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    Totally agree with gvtheogioJ.

    The colors are very rich. Excellent work.

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    Thanks for your feedbacks. Highly appreciated. I am also quite happy with the results!

    I tried my best on painting technique, layer by layer on big surfaces, wet blending on smaller surfaces, etc.., with time it is getting better and better. You read it often that practice and practice improved your skills. But most of us are impatient, and want quick results... Conclusion: practice and practice again and again is the BEST way to improve! You can get faster if you can watch video, talk to good painter and ask advice, and spend more time practicing

    Ok now time for a new project, beside my ogre army still building up... Over a year now...

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    Live the bright and clear colours, but the one thing that I find visually "wrong" is the base having lots of bright colours on it and appearing to be nothing else but black.
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