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Thread: Official Kingdom Death : Monster Kickstarter Thread!

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    Default Official Kingdom Death : Monster Kickstarter Thread!

    Hello! I wanted to set up an official thread here for the community at Cool Mini Or Not.

    My name is Adam Poots and I am the creator of Kingdom Death. A kickstarter for our first game titled "Kingdom Death : Monster" went live a week ago and it has already raised over 400k! This experience has been totally crazy and I am very excited! If anyone has any questions about Kingdom Death, the kickstarter campaign or me personally I will do my best to answer them.

    Kickstarter is here :

    Here is the latest news post :

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    Yay! It's funny - I distinctly remember stating back in june/july (during the frenzy of Sedition Wars/Reaper) that if Kingdom Death ever did a Kickstarter, I was going to be one broke painter. And here you are. I guess my question is this: what in the Kickstarter will be available as a general release, and what is KS only?
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    I will certainly be pledging this. You did a great job with presenting the games backstory, artwork, and minis in your video. Looking forward to seeing the game play video next.
    And congratulations on your success so far, I hope it breaks the 1 million $ mark

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    As far as I've understood it, TrystanGST, the only Kickstarter exclusive are the Adam and Anna survivors. You can get those at either $30 (plastic) or $70 (resin, which also would include everything from the $30 level).

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    Only reason I ask is because I had to beg and plead to get the $155 pledge, so I don't forsee being able to add any real extras. So I wanted to know if there was anything I would miss.
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    I've gone through all comments. Only Adam and Anna will be kickstarter exclusive as of now (who knows, maybe some other exclusives will be added later into the campaign). Everything else will be available at a later date.

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    You may not be able to add extras, but the $155 pledge has been racking up quite a lot of free add-ons.

    I'm kind of biting my lip over whether or not to add the Dragon King expansion. I wasn't sure I needed the dragon, but the armored figures are so interesting. I love the bizarre creativity of the KD minis -- I love how the male dragon figure's shoulder armor looks like standing rib roasts!

    I'm kind of sorry none of the pin-up figures are included except as separate items. I can understand the decision -- not everyone cares for pin-up figures just as not everyone cares for some of the more anatomically way-out KD monsters. But some of them are really cute, and if there were some way to include one or two I would be very happy.

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    hey, for those that game when not painting, gameplay footage/explanation has been added here:

    there's an interesting card mechanic for enemies: it combines health level, challange level and actions for each turn.

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