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    As i told also in the thread i'm looking for Rob Cardiss.
    During a period i was in contact with a friend of him, then nothing...

    He had an emperor of manking, i've paid for the paintjob and he disappeared... many years has passed and no info, no email and I've seen through internet i'm not the only one...

    I would like to know if someone can help me...

    The emperor was a gift of a friend of mine, i've decided to commission it and i've paid the paintjob many years again.

    I was pretty sure of him because he dealt with wyrd and gw, but it's the worst experience of my life and i collect miniatures from late '90.


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    Have sent him a text but have lost his email. Dunno if he has the same number - it's been a few years

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    Quote Originally Posted by freakinacage View Post
    Have sent him a text but have lost his email. Dunno if he has the same number - it's been a few years

    I think, however, that he'll say to be in hospital to everyone that contact him...
    It's now three years that he tell me he's in hospital without internet connection... and in a week he'll send the package... first times i praied for him, now i don't know what think about it... too many years passed from last email of him that he'll send in a week... :-(

    I think i've lost not only my emperor, but also the already paied paintjob... :-(

    It's the risk of us avid collectors, fortunately he's the only one bad experience in more than 10 years... and i'm not the only one :-(

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    That is very unfortunate. It's important to follow through on committments.

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    He did not have a bad reputation when i give him my emperor... after a period i've understood to have done a very wrong choice! :-(

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    at this point i would just give up, and move on. its sad to see that happen, but sometimes you just have to cut your losses. you ever want one painted and actually sent back to you, i'd be glad to do it. lol. sorry mate, hope it works out for you in the end.
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    He doesn't have internet access and know he and his wife have been very ill for quite some time. Don't know much more than that though, sorry

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    He's another reason I gave up mini painting. He ripped me off too. I thought he was trustworthy and since I was low on funds, I offed an Ilyad mini to be the payment for him to paint another Ilyad mini I had. He sent me WIP photos and everything but somehow, something your always come up every time he "tried to make" it to the post office with my package. I still have the emails, the last one was a couple of years ago when he was "attempting" to send it again.

    After losing all my favorite minis in a misplaced box at Gencon, getting the shaft from this supposedly respected member to the mini-painting circle made me hang up my brushes.

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    I'm sure I cannot do nothing, that i've lost my mini but i only want that any other collector will be stolen by him... so it's better to remember to the community and to collectors!

    It's three years that he's without internet connection... but meanwhile he put on ebay a lot of stuff, so times ago i won an item to ebay so to force to send back my emperor, but he didn't send me the item won!
    Fortunately paypal refund me! O__o

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    Met him, seemed like a decent bloke so I don't think there's any ill will.

    Things happen and once you can't fulfil your obligations and run out of excuses the shame can permit you from making it right again. Seems like he had many things unfinished when he ran in to that wall.

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    Sometimes things happen in life that cause big problems and prevent commitments being fufilled, shit happens as the saying goes. But really once this happened he should have said sorry and made up repayment to you etc and suffered the "shame" of that, rather than just blowing you, and everyone else he has let down, off with various excuses.


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