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    I made some military equipment for some of our home scenarios. They can be a bit more prowerful than normal equipment so we play with only 4 survivors to help offset the firepower. Also added extra zombies to the search pile making it a bit more lethal.

    Hope you guys enjoy


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    Very nice might make use of these myself. Thanks for sharing.

    Have you found them too unbalancing in a deck or does the randomness and size of the deck prevent them from becoming a deciding factor ?
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    These were originally made for a scenario, we added two of each card in with the exception of the radio which had 4 copies. (at least one radio was needed for the objective) We also played with the walk of the dead deck for the zombies, so there were lots of walkers.

    The size of the deck helps keep it fairly random and the added zombies can up the risk of searching, it becomes a really bad idea to search alone.

    When you have a smaller group with the military guns you have slightly fewer dice than you would with a full group armed with standard weapons. (when you consider the whole team) Individual actions are more effective but you have 6-8 less actions than a full team of 6 would have during their turn.

    The goal is to keep things fairly balanced so we're still testing them out in numerous scenarios.

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    I agree. Very nice stuff. And doing a more military-oriented game, or a game with a military base nearby could add some neat options for scenarios.

    Thanks for sharing them!

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    Updated with better fonts and new stuff

    If anyone needs a Word Doc file to print these from just email me at

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    I think they could be a bit more..balanced.

    I'd make the range on the M4 1-2 instead of 0-2, and the AA12 should require reloads after each use (or after 2 uses in a turn).

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    More equipment to help take down those zombies.

    Will email out the updated file to people later today.

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    Infected - fan rules for survivors bitten by zombies

    Put 6 wounded cards and 6 infected cards into wound deck. When a survivor is wounded by a zombie draw a card from the deck. As per normal rules a survivor is killed if they have two wounds.

    If a survivor has two infected cards they have turned, they are removed from the game and you place a walker in their zone.

    (when recieiving an infected card you lose a piece of equipment in the same manner as being wounded)

    Wounded cards and Infected cards are treated independantly, so a survivor may have 1 wound card and 1 infected card and still remain in play.

    When playing scenarios in a campaign mode: any survivors that ends the previous scenario with an infected card loses their struggle with the zombie infection and turns. Remove that survivor and place a walker in the survivors spawn zone. They've turned against their fellow survivors!

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    What do the Twinkies do?

    And, would you consider uploading these to the BoardGameGeek>>Zombicide>>Files directory?
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    Twinkies pacify Tallahassee.

    Can be used as an objective item that needs finding, otherwise just a random item to keep decks from getting weapons heavy if you're mixing extra gear in.
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