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    Battle of Baddon Hill -

    On Saturday January 19th, we will be hosting a Dark Age MTI Tournament at Gigabites Café(East Lake Shopping Center 2197 Roswell Road, Ste 101 Marietta, GA 30062). The winner of this event will be invited to attend the Finals at Gencon for the chance to have a model sculpted in their likeness!

    The tournament will start at Noon on Saturday and will be a 750 point event.

    Entry will be $5 and there will be prizes for 1st, 2nd, 3rd & painted as well as first MAL prizes.

    We will be using the Extreme Ruleset & latest FAQs. Please make sure to read your FAQs and have the updated cards for your faction.

    Extreme rules -

    Updated SA and WA -

    Errata and FAQs -
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    For those of you in the Atlanta area - four weeks from today will be the AMFS Atlanta Model Figure Show which features both historical and fantasy/sci-fi figures and models. Great number of vendors there including Cool Mini! You can get more information about the show at Good luck to you guys and hope some of you can make our show! By the way - our show is actually two for the price of one as the Atlanta AMPS chapter (armor) will also be there - 1 ticket - 2 shows!

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    Cool. Thanks. I'll see if I can make it.

    Curtis won Superior Mantinance.
    Ian won From the Shadows.
    Mckenzie won Sedond in Command.
    Keeton won Warlord of Sumaria.

    It was a great game and I look forward to having you all on the 30th plus 9 more people.
    Nos es Legio.

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    Congrats to the winners! Hope you can make the show! Forgot to mention that there are free seminars to anybody that displays at the show OR buys a general admission. You can check out the schedule and more details at the website.

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    I'll be there Wigdog. Can't wait to hang out with you sir. You need to make sure and put some show pics up on the forum.

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    Hey my friend! Hopsitality room is on me! LOL So glad you are going to be there - can't wait to see your awesome figures my friend! I will try to do that if I can ever figure out how to do so! You'll be excited to know that Cool Mini got even more tables this year and between them, Red Lancers, and Big Al - I may spend my year's allowance!

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