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Thread: Pariahrob's rolling WIP thread.

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    I finally finished the megaboss! Very pleased but it took some time. I wanted to push myself and I think I have. Feel like I kind of levelled up a little. I would really appreciate constructive criticism if you have any too, so please let me know how I can improve.

    Thanks all

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    Definate level up. Nice work Rob. The skull and the armor are really nice.

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    Nice work Pariahrob! That blue armor really pops.

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    Yup I agree, it is a great work! Love all those scratching on the armour and the blue colour is beautiful. Weakest point I found is the axe, but maybe it's because the angle of picture is not the best for the axe metallics...
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    Looking great. Armour's really looking nice and deep.

    The only criticism I've got is that the skull looks a little flat. Maybe a touch more contrast there.

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    I agree with foxtail, I would get some colder shadows in there with some of the blue (mixed with something darker) color into it to make it belong more to the blue armor. But really nice work. like the skin tones and transitions that you have made.

    work is boring when it gets in the way of my painting.

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    Thanks all. Interesting idea about cooling off the bone shadows. I'll experiment a little. Thanks!

    Also, if anybody cares to vote, I'd appreciate it.

    Cheers, now I've got to decide what's next. Blood bowl team, skink priest, or the unit of Orruk Brutes.

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    Hi all.
    As per the usual it’s been some time since I got any real painting done. But I did just grab a dark imperium box so starting a marine chapter.
    I was going to go for old school mentor legion but going for white with turquoise/blue torso. Photo looks bluer than in real life. Still some glazing and highlights to do but think I’m liking the recipe.

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    That's looking nice, seems to glow

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    not sure why it glows but I agree. I think it might be the vmc pigments? Blues are now almost done. Will get some more progress then post another photo.

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    Well hello everybody. It's been quite some time and life seems to have got in the way again.
    I now have a new space for all hobby activity and next wednesday will see the first of a new club night. Only a handful of us so far but got to start somewhere!
    Not had a huge amount of painting time but just ordered kill team, so will have some hybrids to paint up, as well as a general darg bust to get my teeth into.
    Other than that I'm planning some nurgle projects, probably because I look at sprocket's blog too often!

    Also, slowly working away on some digital sculpts of my own. My day job is as a 3D artist and editor of 3D World magazine, so really should combine my two main passions!

    Good to be back in the saddle.

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    My nurgle project will be a long term project but anted to start testing so using some simple pox walkers to try out schemes. Probably going to have a little more green than often seen. Will be a mix of green, cream and purple.
    Here’s the starting point. One leg!
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    Well my poxwalker experiment is satisfactory and I’m now sorted on my recipe. Will be mixing some flesh tones into my nurgle scheme, with some green bloat and purple in the shadows.
    Although this will be a small gaming force I’m going to try to paint as well as I can. Nothing quite like a good looking army on the table.
    Plaguebeaers built but going to start with this lovely fella...
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    Pustules incoming! take care
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    Big fan o nurgle meself poxxy looks great on the leg so far will be watching with anticipation.

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    The big papa is underway. Early days but think it’s going ok. I’m going for slightly fleshier tones on the front and greener elsewhere. The purple in the shadows should help bring it all together. Need to glaze in some more warm skin tones over the belly but pretty pleased so far.
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    My compliments regarding the orc megaboss. The armor is really nice.

    And: Have fun with the great unclean one... a ton of details waiting for ya :-D

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    Thanks Graishak!
    this big fella is coming along. Still a long way to go and it’s showing lack of skill at larger things.
    I think the head is coming along nicely but thI body needs some refining.
    Many tips for painting larger surfaces are more than welcome!
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    Looks like you are heading in the right direction building up the overall highlights. Definately easier to achieve this with an airbrush though if you access to one.

    Personally, I would start working in some texture to the skin soon, building up the highlights, creases, wrinkles etc with small brush strokes....depending on the look you are trying to achieve.

    Maybe glaze in some less obvious colours as well in the areas where there are wounds, boils or the skin is more strained and deformed. Purples, yellows etc to give that distended bruised flesh look.

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