Pariahrob's rolling WIP thread.
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Thread: Pariahrob's rolling WIP thread.

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    Default Pariahrob's rolling WIP thread.

    Right then. This thread will be a kind of living journal to my painting projects. Seems like it's best to keep everything in one place (except the lord of burgle, which is in another thread. Actually I'll post a photo of that here shortly - for completeness)

    Right now I'm spending time trawling through old boxes of GW minis I've amassed over the years. SOme nice rare minis that I may sell or paint and lots of others. Just trying to decide what to start with.

    I've got a few new ones on order: trollbloods and some McVey minis amongst others. I'll post here as I get going but first up is Ephrael Stern, the limited run mini that came with Inquisitor Hand.

    I decided to move away from the traditional black armour as it doesn't leave much scope for fun painting. I'm going for a bone colour armour (with some slight variations) and probably scarlet/maroon cloth and gold detailing.

    I made a start on her face. I'm not happy with it yet (too rough) but it can't be too far off. My phone's face recognition caught it!

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    Liked your work in the other thread. Will be neat to see how this one progresses.

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    Did a little more work on the armour this evening but not enough to show. Added some subtle violets to the shadows and started on some creamy highlights. Not going too pale with this one.

    I got a trollblood grissel in the post today so now have that and Ezekiel cleaned up and primed. Not painted a hordes mini before but the sculpt looks lovely and quality moulding.

    On top of that I just ordered a kingdom death flower knight. Love that figure so much. Will need to go to town on a base for it I think.

    Ill post progress of ephrael tomorrow if I get the armour completed.

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    looks good so far... waiting for new pictures!

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    Armour is pretty much done. I expect I'll add some more colour variations and a bit of depth through glazes but I'll hold off until the fabric is done.

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    Great start, bigger picts please
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    Looking very nice. The face looks very good and I like what you're doing with the armor. Bigger pictures would be nice. I wanted to get a closer look at the face, seems like you've done a really nice job around the eye. But even when I click on them it's still hard to see.

    Keep up the good work. I'm looking forward to seeing more of your posts in this thread.

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    Thanks! I should have read your replies before I started this post. I'll do bigger photos in future.
    Here she is. I've yet to decide on a base for her and also if I add her backpack. I think it destroys the silhouette personally, so unsure.

    Part of the job isn't great but I'm blaming the mini. Some details aren't best sculpted and I did the undercoat a long while back a bit too heavily. Still, I'm very pleased with the colour scheme and most of the painting.

    Feedback is always welcome!

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    You can see I have a long way to go on my metals too. Although I'm pleased with the TMM on the sword blade.

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    Yeah, the TMM on the sword looks really good. The golds on here look fine, I thinks it's the metals on the gun that could use some work. Compared to what you've done on the sword the gun just looks dull. But overall very very nice. The pure white background also helps... removes some of the distraction so we can focus on your excellent paint job.

    Btw if you click on the image the one it brings up is actually a pretty nice size.

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    The sword looks awesome. I agree that the gun is made less interesting by comparison.
    Also wanted to say that I love the expression you've given her, she looks fierce. Excited to see how you base her

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    Looks nice. Does look like a blemish on the right thigh though. I would vote for leaving the backpack off.

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    Sionid - Thanks so much. That's what I did first. I've never attempted to paint makeup before but I think it really helps.
    Bailey03 - Agreed. I think I may need to revisit the gun metal.
    KruleBear - The sculpt has a few little 'beaten' areas. Maybe I should darken them up so it looks more purposeful? Yep. The more I look at it the more I think it's better without a backpack.

    Any ideas on basing? I'm completed stumped. Only thought is to have her passing close to some destroyed masonry to give more height.

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    The pose is unique. If you pose her backwards a bit you could pull off jumping backwards over an obstacle ( broken pillar?) while shooting at an overwhelming force. Or the curvature could feed into shooting around an coming down a spiral staircase wrapped around a large central post.

    Btw..the "blemish" does look a bit like battle damage in the blown up pict.

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    Ooh, KruleBear, that is an awesome idea. I really like the jumping back while shooting idea. I'll go with that!

    Ok, for now I'm saying Ephrael is finished and working on the next mini, a warrior priest. Always liked this figure, so about time I painted one. Here it is so far:

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    Diggin' his 5 o'clock shadow and the TMM on the armor, the depth of the shadow makes it look nice and worn. I would say that the white paper/cloth on his chest needs to be dirtied up a bit or just generally darkened, it's a bit stark by comparison.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SkelettetS View Post
    love that red!
    Cheers. Took some experimenting to get it how I wanted. It's a base of khorne red and dryad bark, highlighted up to pallid flesh with a number of bloodletter glazes and a couple of washes of nuln oil mixed with seraphim sepia. It's come out nice and rich and manages to look red, rather than pink/creamy/orange which is usually my problem.

    I'll try to finish him tomorrow and add him to the basing queue!

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    Your blending is impressive. Really looking forward to seeing this thread grow

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    Thank you moetle!

    The warrior priest is now done (except for basing). Again there are areas I can definitely improve on but overall I'm quite pleased. I wish I had filled some of the rough surfaces but his face has come out well and the red I really like.

    NOw to decide on what is next! Ezekiel or Grissel?

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