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Thread: Pariahrob's rolling WIP thread.

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    Just a small update. Started tidying things up, working on the weapons etc.
    Also just got my first infinity minis. Such good quality. The designs are ace but the casting is amazing.
    Going to enjoy those. Big question is if I break out the airbrushed!
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    Question for you all. I can get my whites looking smooth but when go back to add details, like studs or rivers, it always ends up a mess.
    Am I using too dark an ink, too much? What's the key as it's the part of my painting I want to improve most.

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    Part of why I ask is simply to improve. Partly because I think cleanliness of painting is going to be key to theses guy...
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    I can't help you on whites, but check out Bailey33's wip. He does gorgeous whites and I believe gave some tips as he did them. He has a crusader knight on horseback in white and a hockey player in white that are just gorgeous.

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    Get a nice smooth white any adding multiple thin layers.
    Then glaze in the shadows with a very light grey.
    keep glazing until you get the right shadows
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    Thanks Krule. Will check that out.
    10! Thanks so much. I do that for most colours but never occurred to me to do it with whites. Will definitely be trying that next time!


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    I'm starting the pano figure with the plan to take my time and try to develop my skills. This Orc trooper is first. Airbrushed preshade, basecoat and first highlight. Second two highlights were brushed on. Lots more to go along with glazes.

    I have to sayvthese infinity minis are amazing. Such good castings and love the scale/proportions.
    Colours will be blue through blue/green the sky blue highlights. Some muted greys and browns in other areas.

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    The Orc is done. Except basing but I'll do them all at once, probably with themes resin.
    Nextbup the Father Knight. Another great mini. So impressed by the infinity minis. Great sculpts, high quality castings and no comedy big hands and feet!

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    Ooooooo, he's calling out for a bit of yellow glow from the eyes in that sea of blue...
    Or if green is entering the palette for the unit, you could probably make that work if you fade some green edges into a yellow center.
    Or orange, the best color.

    Nice work, in any event!

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    Thanks for the advice. I think I'm going to go with lime green. Subtle but hopefully enough too look cool.

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    The Father Knight is done now too. Painting patterns is a bit beyond me but I'm pleased with the row of crosses.
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    Looks cool. Nice blending.

    Can I ask ? - With such a bright blue, why did you work over black ? Would it not have been easier to work over white and go from light to dark ?
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    I almost always work up from black. I guess it's habit that's become my style.
    That said I did work differently for these.
    Black primer, then zenithal highlighting. Airbrushed Prussian blue and s first highlight of Prussian blue mixed with blue/green.
    Ftom there brushed highlights up to pure white.
    a couple of glazes and done. Makes working on other areas easier. A dark wash then build up the colours.

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    Thanks for the heads up. I learned how to paint from airbrushing and always work over white unless it's a black mini. I'll have to try this.
    In the kingdom of the blind, the one eyed man is king.

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    A little more progress. Finished the fusiliers now. On to the Akslis and Nisses.
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    Made some headway on the Akalis. Not sure if I need more green to help him stand out. What do you think?
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    Today I finished the Nisses. Really enjoyable mini to paint.
    I must get a group shot with a good camera soon. These all look a bit rubbish with my phone!

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    Welcome back!
    Nice infinity mini, they are so small... I have painted mine and have my first squad for Yujing. Played few games, which I really like, even if the rules are quite confusing! But then the only player I knew left... So now, the motivation of having a bigger squad painted is not really there anymore!
    But your work, just reminded me that I should finish more of them!

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    A group shot would be nice to see pariahrob, since the last picture is somewhat a 4x times the real size...

    Thinking of the weapon maybe will look more shiney if you add a couple or three almost white if not white dots or lines in it. IMO
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