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Thread: Pariahrob's rolling WIP thread.

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    Thanks Hairster. I do have an airbrush I consider d using it for some base coats but shoes away. Not sure why!
    good tip for painting in some texture. I’ll definitely try that as well as adding more colour variations. I’m using purple in the shadows so maun bringing that and some blues into other areas might work?

    just followed you on IG as well. So much rapid fire mini goodness!

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    Thanks....I’m a bit of a spammer on there with the easy to post stuff up.

    looking forward to seeing your GUO develop

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    Hairster is absolutely right. If you have an opportunity to go for big areas with airbrushing the transitions between different colours will come out great.
    As soon as it is coming to more detail I prefer to take old school fine brush to do further highlighting. But I guess this is just a matter of preference and
    skill with airbrush vs. standard brush.
    In order to avoid double work I'd recommend that you take a small nurgling and you apply your preferred colour scheme to the small one, so that you can
    copy/paste the procedure to the big one. But again, I'm spamming some hints how I would do it. As we're talking about doing arts there is no right or
    wrong... just fun!

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    Really nice color and work on this huuuuge yet beutiful piece.

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    Yeah, IG is easy but I don't paint much mini stuff on there. At least, not often. I mostly use it for my 3D work, although I'm looking to start crossing over soon.

    I don't think my airbrush skills are good enough for this project but I think I'll start experimenting on less expensive models. For this I think I'll take your advice and start adding in texture as I highlight.

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    Little update. I’ve started increasing the contrast as I highlight. I’m trying to add a bit of texture too. Some looks a little harsh but I plan to add some glazes for more variation across the broader areas.
    Think im heading in the right direction?
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    The color transitions are nicely done Rob. Keep after it.

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    Definitely heading in the right direction, it's looking excellent so far.

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    ... on the path to glory ;-) Go ahead!

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    Think im heading in the right direction?
    I am waiting on the result, no clue how can this monster (=big organic chunk of plastic) be painted...

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    Looks great Rob. I love this model to bits!

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    Thanks guys. Not enough progress to show today. Recent hobby time was spent trying out killteam with my little group. Also first of a new bunch of 3D printers arrived so spent some time testing that too. It’s work but feels like play!
    More GUO work tomorrow! Trying to decide on tentacle colours. Im thinking turquoise to almost black but with a hint of violet in the black to tie it all together.

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    Thought I’d share a quick pic of my genestealer cult project too. This is more about getting minis ready for gaming but still looks presentable I think.
    Notvthe most original scheme but I love orange! Maybe an orang Goliath is needed too.
    Name:  2406CFAF-D3AA-4833-89D8-791EFDDB3F7D.jpeg
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    Looking good! Clean and sharp. Will look great as a unit on the table.

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    These cultists are taking an age. Partly as been travelling to events a lot recently but also as I’ve been making our clubs first killzone.
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    ​I'm looking forward to some KT terrain projects, too. Yours looks like it's going to be awesome!

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    Love the look of the cultist -schnnazy paintjob.

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