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Thread: Sionid's Clean Your Plate WIP Thread

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    Krule, no way, just working on stuff I can't post a lot of the time

    khavor, yeah, those are chest veins! I wasn't sure about them at first but I think I'll keep them.

    Bailey, I'm kinda figuring it out as I go, but so far I've had good luck with keeping the veins pretty light to begin with and glazing over them with something like the second-lightest skin highlight color.

    Demi, thanks! I'm still a total novice at painting for studios, but so far the old "contact them and tell them you want to paint for them" method has been very effective, eheh. The stuff I did for Dark Sword is up, now, too. This guy was my favorite of the bunch:

    Thanks BaM, I'm still trying to get over freehand fear! I feel pretty confident in my doodly-swirly freehand, but anything requiring symmetry is super daunting.


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    I actually ended up re-doing the right side of her face a bit, it looked a little rough to me. I think I solved that problem but I may have made her cheek area a little too dark...either that or I need to darken the shadows around her chest to balance it out. Maybe a bit of both. I need to put her horns on soon to see how it changes things up, they really affect the balance of the thing.

    Her coat needs a good bit more work but her armor bra thing is mostly done, gotta pick out those rivets. I'm thinking I'll do some kind of pattern on her coat, just not sure what yet. Lemme know what you think.

    ALSO, my boss sculpted this, and I'm veeerrry excited to put paint on it:

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    He's HUGE and more than a little intimidating. Blood and guts and puss, should be fun!

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    Holy Shit!!!

    I just saw the Dark Sword pics! They look so good like really really professional! Congrats that is super cool. Did you take those pictures too? Nice work!

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    That Is a disgusting mini!

    That lizard man is sweet though, the pebbly skin texture cme out real nice.

    This current bust keeps getting better. The armor is beautifully aged. And you may be "figuring out" the veins, but they look perfect and add oodles of interest to the skin.

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    She's looking really good!!. I jealous of the veining. I gotta figure out how to do that one of these days.
    It's only a flesh wound!!!

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    Great textures and colours on the lizard-man.
    That "miniature" looks huge, and brutal... almost nerve wrecking... take care on it
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    Good lord that bust is coming along.
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    I agree with Zab really liking this one a lot.

    work is boring when it gets in the way of my painting.

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    Whoa where to begin!! The bust is simply amazing, the skin is l brilliant and KB is right about the veins. They add a level of detail that catapults this from a very good paint job into something else entirely.

    I think your boss deserves a rather large pat on the back, that demon is excellent. Really looking forward to seeing what you do with him

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    Thanks for the kind words! I think Skarre will come with me to GenCon for the P3 competition. I'll hopefully be finding another PP thing to paint up in a different category, just haven't been feeling inspired by what we've got lying around :/ I want more sexy three-man units like the Devil's Shadow Mutineers!

    Webmonkey, the veins weren't as challenging as I thought they'd be--the hardest part for me was keeping them "wiggly" shaped and avoiding sharp corners. First pass looked more like cracks than veins.

    I was commanded to spend the day working on the big guy, so I gritted my teeth and got through it:

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    He's a lot of fun, and working on something this huge is NUTS. I guess that frankenstein girl I did a while back was larger, but waaaaaaay less detailed.

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    Demi--Ty! I did take the photos, and I hate it! They take me longer than the goddamn paint job!!!

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    welcome to mini photo hell!!!! Also that demon is so gross. blarg.
    "Remember, you can't spell paint without a little pain."

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    How did Diecon go for your painting contest?

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    you've made him fantastically putrid. i love all the detail and patterns you think up. how do you do it?
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    Excellent work kat....btw that thing is huge but your a maestro already breathing life into his very lil nostrils...sorry haven't been up to your thread I have so many and then it bumps out my subscription and at that point I forget...please forgive,you young dove, thanks and the man in your life wields a mean brush tell EM I said that after drooling over his guild ball models...he's also a great and wonderful caring compassionate man...yeah he's alright ,I guess you can hang on to jk he's great !!!

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    That skincolour is rich looking, really amazing.



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    Back from the void!

    I live in a house now!!! We have a WHOLE ROOM for painting stuff. Unfortunately, Pokemon Go just came out so I'll never be able to do anything again.

    No worries BAM, I wish I was better at keeping active on here in general. And yeah, Nick's pretty much the best

    Khonner, the separation of Warmachine/Hordes related events and Diecon was a major blow to the painting scene so, not so much in the way of contest entrants, BUT, more people than usual looking to learn the basics! I organized the painting station to have a lot more room than last year and we were full a good bit of the time.

    Looking through boxes, I recently found the pinups that came with my KD pledge and decided to try and blast through 'em. I need to get faster! The Huntress has had two afternoons of work, the Assassin I just started tonight. Trying out painting on bare plastic on the Assassin. It's effective, but weeeird.

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    Speaking of Nick, he finally made his own WIP thread right here! Go look!!!

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    Just discovered your thread, it's both incredible and inspiring. Awesome work !
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    Congrats on the house. It is nice to have a permanent work area. You have knocked the hunter out of the park. Will you be basing these or are they just for speed practice.

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    Nice starts - yay for the house and the cave Now you can close the door and shut out their taunting cries of: Paint us! Paint us!
    "Remember, you can't spell paint without a little pain."

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