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    I am currently painting some of the GW Kasrkan as inquisitorial stormtroopers. They are being painted like Scout troopers from Star Wars. My main issue is I am useing a cool color, in this case a light gray, for shadeing. It looks fine but there are not enough places to shade on the parts I need white. I was curious if I could cover the white bits up with a high gloss coat to sort of trick the eye away from the lack of detail and shadeing on the parts. I just would like some opinions on how this might look .

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    You might want to check out the \"Secrets of Cyril\" Thread. In it, it shows how he primes dark grey and then uses an airbush (I guess you could use another white primer) to give shading effects. Then you could just dillute some light grey or white and you\'ll be able to see through it so you have all that nice shading and it\'s white!

    If you\'re brave enough, you might also try a foray into simple freehand with Inquisition \"I\"s, maybe skulls, laurels..

    Hope this helps! :P

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