Black Grey Knights

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Thread: Black Grey Knights

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    Default Black Grey Knights

    I am working on a different color scheme for my GKTs based off of this art:

    I will also be applying battle damage using this work as inspiration/reference:

    I am making ok progress, but I am reaching a color dilema and I am looking for some advice.
    Here is what i have so far, the last pic is the most recent with the red storm bolter and book painted:

    I am looking for advice/feedback/opinion in regards to how I should paint the NFW. The NFW will be the same color as the GKT's OSL eyes, and the "pscher cable" that I modeled onto his chest. I want to make sure that I do not have too much going on in regards to color on this model, and that has led me to asking the community for help.

    One option is red, like this awesome work by Rafal Maj. As stated above, I would also paint the GKT's eyes and psycher cable in the same fashion:


    The other option is blue, as shown in this pic, and seen on GW's Space Hulk models. With this option the GKT will have blue OSL eyes and chest cable.

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    Fantastic so far!
    I'd go for the blue OSL eyes. That would look really good against the armour I think.

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    Thanks Pariahrob! I think that I am leaning towards the blue option. It just seems more GKish to me for some reason

    Perhaps the red scheme can be applied to a Crowe conversion I have in mind.

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    A little more progress:

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    More OSL....... And what was he thinking wearing white to a Daemon world!!? :P

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    Really nice work you have here. Lovely osl bits. And that blade is awesome.

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    That's some rather nice work there. I reckon you made the right call going with blue for the eyes and blade. The muck at the bottom of the cloak is also nice and effective. Job's a good un
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    great nmm on the blade
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    Nice work! Looks real good. Just wondering, werent you going to do them black rather than silver?

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    Great job. Nothing I don't like about them at all.
    Particularly like the lighting effects.

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