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Thread: Turska vs. Dark Vengeance

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    Default Turska vs. Dark Vengeance

    Hello folks of CMON forum!

    I'm Turska from Finland, and I'm a total 40K noob. Even I have several 40K armies, I've never played a proper game.

    You might have seen of my miniatures at the gallery, but this is my first post here at the forum. Hooray! The first contact to warhammer I got was nearly ten years ago when I received an unifinished WHFB orc regiment from my pal. He had a small piece of paper with a painting guide for the orcs, and I 'helped' him to get his army ready. Now ten years later I've spent nearly all my income to plastic miniatures and I there's a bunch of unfinished armies in my storage. I'm quite shy guy and therefore I haven't posted a lot of pictures to the gallery.

    When the Dark Vengeance box set came out, I was totally sold - the miniatures of the set really dropped my jaw to the basement...

    Okay, now to the pictures. I've painted the terminator squad and few chosen, and also I've made a basic test scheme for the Dark Angels marines.

    And here's the Termiboys (yep, the pictures are a bit overlit. Maybe I'll redo the photos.)

    Let's see if I can finish these before the nuclear winter....

    I hope to get all sort of comments, critic, and opinions about these models. Keep in my mind that these are more or less speedpainted!
    Happy New Year!

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    I have to say, I really like those chaos marines. While they may not be technically perfect, they have a very good vibe to them. They're grimy and dark, with a "grrrr we're eeevil" feeling to them, but they're also interesting to look at, with really good use of colour to show off the different areas. In fact, I like them so much I may well steal some of your ideas for my own chaos chaps

    Thumbs up from me
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    i have to agree, the colorscheme might be kind of chaotic and technically not perfect, but it works very well! they really got a lot of details those marines...

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    Totally agree with the above you have a very gritty style which suits those chaos marines. very enjoyable to look at.

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    Agree with everyone. Thumbs up and welcome to the forumns.

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    mad skills at work here..

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    Yep, Total Overload. I want to ask why didnt you... or whats up with the.... but i just cant do it. Great work!
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    Agreed. These have a wonderful feel to them. They capture the grimness of 40k really well.

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    Nice chaos marines Turska!
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    A whole squad done after a long break...

    Phew! My goal was to make the unit look okay to tabletop, because these are totally going for gaming purposes. I even skipped painting some parts of the miniatures - because I'm lazy. It took me one evening and morning to assemble these and paint. Darn the normal marines are boring to paint. Oh well.

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    great job doing this in such a little time!

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    They look very nice. I appreciate that they look somewhat weathered.

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    Honestly, I think this may be one of my favorite Dark Angels units I've seen painted. The weathering and choice of colors makes them look like a serious fighting unit, not like most of the X-mas colored Dark Angels you usually see. Very nice.

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    I'm really liking the grimy look your stuff has. I also agree with the above post that these guys actually look like an actual group of military types, rather than shiny showcase armour polishers.
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    Wow! Thats some pretty good tabletop standard going on there! Love the style you have. As the others have said the grimy look really works here. Would be interesting to know how you go about doing your weathering and how you go about making your colour choices.
    Anyway, Welcome to the forums and definatly no need for you to be shy with minis like that!

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    Wow, thanks guys for the comments, I really appreciate all of it! It's also good to hear some critics to improve my work

    Most of time I use same few paint pots for my mini's, and I use wet palette to get the colour mixing looking natural - usually I don't make new paint mixtures for different parts of the minis, but I just add more colour to the previous pool of paint on the palette. This might be the key for binding the colours together nicely. And you can never use too much tamiya clears for making the tones more aggressive!

    Thanks again! Let's see if I can update the biker squad here this evening.

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    Progressing slowly!

    So, the unit of the Chosen are now finished. I'm not that happy with the outcome, but I was not clever enough to make them look more menacing or warpy, but these are good for gaming purposes.

    Only the bikers of DA and the muties of chaos + chaos dread left before the goal!
    Feel free to share some comments and critics

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    I like the cloak on the undead dude. Just need to clean up the edge of the base.

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