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    Default Counts WIP log for 2013.

    Hi all and a happy new year to you. Thanks for the help and support you wonderful people have shown me over the past year even if my output has not been as prolific or as amazing as some i have truely enjoyed my time here.

    So whats happening this year?

    Wyrd's Puppet Wars - Last year I managed to get my hands on a pack of all the pawn boosters and the multi player set to go with the base set i got the other christmas. Ive currently got the puppets from the base set undercoated and on the painting bench.
    Mantics Dwarf Kings Hold - Last year I completed the figures from Dead Rising. This year i hope to get the rest done. So thats Green Menace and Ancient Grudge. So elves and orcs a plently and a few more dwarves and undead.
    20mm WW2 Brits - Putting together a platoon of these to use with Two Hour Wargames Nuts system. I have some Plastic Soldier Company Late War British Infantry 44-45 and some Ready to Roll resin Shermans and Universal Carriers.
    Super Dungeon Explore - Hope to get this painted this year as ive promised myself i wont buy the expansions till its completed.
    Zombicide (Abominiation) - Ive been playing a lot of this so the minis will need a good wash before i do anything with them. Then its painting. Ive 3 trays of zombies atm so ill probly do them a tray at a time to not impact on playing the game as much.
    Sedition Wars (Biohazard)x2 - This should arrive next week I bought 2 sets as i like the miniatures so much and am intending on using them for Two Hours Wargames New Beggings/Star Army wargames. So ill get one set painted whilst playing with the other.
    Kingdom Death Monster - Ive backed this kickstarter that should be getting delivered in Nov (so call it Dec) Will prolly get some un boxing shots
    Mad-Max - Im going to be looking at doing some Mad Max style vehicles and miniatures in 20mm for some small games
    Malifaux - Ive had some of there figures for over a year now, should really get them painted.

    Right thats what i can think of of the top of my head. If i only get a third of these finished ill be happy but ill keep you updated at least weekly with how things are going.

    Take Care and have fun

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    Happy new year!
    Impressive list you have there. I should make plans like that myself. It's always good to have a list.

    Looking forward to seeing your progress. Specially the kingdom death and mcvey minis.

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    Thanks, though the list is the easy bit. Just hoping it gives me some insentive to get them done.

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    Started work on the Puppet Wars figures today, the December Acolyte Puppet.

    Cant seem to get a good picture and its tiny. So any tips on photography?

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    There are a few good threads in the phototgraphy section that really helped me out. I find it a pain to get a decent pic, hell i don even own a camera! Have to steal one off friends occasionally to get pics which leads to a rather bleak looking WIP thread for me :P

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    Ok here are some slightly better photos.

    the photo of the back of the model is nearer the true colour of the miniature.

    Anyway comments would be nice.

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    Well ive managed to coplete the mini put my photos still look terrible, no natural light round here at the moment. Anyway have a look and feel free to comment. The base will not be left bare i just dont have the material for them as yet. Looking for a mix of tartan hankys and some teeny cogs and buttons.

    Here he is

    Thanks for looking.

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    Looks pretty good to me. I've got PW and a couple of boosters but after seeing how insanely small those boogers were i threw them on the shelf for a later time


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    Thanks moetle, yeah, that picture really dosnt show how small it is

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    Ive never seen these minis before, are the glove puppets? Very cute, will like to see the base finished.
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    They are from Wyrds Puppet Wars game. They represent little voodoo dolls made by Zorada the Hag that start fighting eachother when she goes out into the swamp. These are the metal figures that came out with the first release. I belive that Wyrd are re issueing the game in plastic.

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    It's so CUTE! Looks good, looking forward to what you've got lined up.

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    Last night put together some 20mm brits for ww2 one sprue cliped glued and put on pennys, when there all put together ill put a piccy up anyway on to todays work, decided to start on the Malfaux Cherub

    Below is how it should look from Wyrds art card.

    Wings to do next, i havent a clue how to do them so any advice would be greatfuly recieved.

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    Well hello

    Ive not been able to do much in the way of anything this last month due to medical reasons But things are looking up and should be back on track by the end of this week at the latest.

    Watch this space.

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    Well that got bombed out, ends of my fingers are all nasty wounds I hates excema

    So all ive been doing is reading rules and looking mornfully at my figures.

    Im still alive but things is slow.

    Take care out there in the world.

    On another note, ive more Zombicide figures due simply because Season 2 is on kickstarter (need more money)

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    Quote Originally Posted by count zero99uk View Post
    (need more money)
    I sympathize with that . Lol . The voodoo puppets looks pretty nice. Hope you can get back to the painting soon.

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    Not only is Zombicide Season 2 up but ive allso recieved the payment manager for kingdom death. So do i get the plastic pinups and no zombicde or just what ive paid for and get the resins as i can pay for them. If i could get them all at once would be better on postage, but who knows.

    Ah well.

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