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    Default Eastern Front Studios: Midgard RPG Miniatures KS


    This KS has 11 days to go (give or take) and is funded for the basic models.

    What's on offer;

    Heroic 28mm Scale models inspired by the Midgard Campaign setting for Pathfinder, 4E DnD and AGE (Dragon Age RPG) systems. In addition to the models you can also order PDFs of the various books (note only the Campaign Setting has AGE rules in it).

    Key Attractions are the Aboleth and Baba Yaga's Hut!

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    Miniatures (except the hut) are available in metal or resin (with an extra charge for metal).

    Pledges are either for specific items (versions of the hut, the metal aboleth, custom mini etc) or for "points" used to select miniatures from the available options.

    Some items require higher pledge levels to access them, in particular add-ons for a pledge.

    Higher pledge levels also include some bonus miniatures (up to 3 kobolds currently depending on your pledge level).

    All pledges include shiping worldwide.

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    Current stretch goals with more detail;
    $13,000: Raven Mage, Wit (Kobold Rogue), Minotaur Corsair Hand Sprue - ACHIEVED
    $13,500: Raven Mage Customisable Hand Sprue
    $14,000: Grisal Dwarf option and Mharoti Emissary Customisable Hand Sprue
    $14,500: Gear Mage (female) Customisable Hand Sprue
    $15,000: Gypsosphinx option, Bonus Kobold (Chirm the Kobold Alchemist) and Wit (Kobold Rogue) Customisable Hand Sprue
    $15,500: Tiefling Summoner Customisable Hand Sprue
    $16,000: Kobold Miner Customisable Hand Sprue
    $16,500: Kobold Druid Customisable Hand Sprue
    $17,000: Alseid (Deer Centaur), Bonus Kobold (to be announced) options and Alseid Customisable Hand Sprue

    "Hand Sprue" means a selection of hands designed to fit the particular model holding different items (or nothing) to give the models more customisation.

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    $13,500: Raven Mage Customisable Hand Sprue - Achieved

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    $14,000: Grisal Dwarf option and Mharoti Emissary Customisable Hand Sprue - Achieved

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    Now to get to $15k and unlock the Gypsosphinx and his Kobold Alchemist buddy.
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    Last day!

    Here are the final stretch goals for the kickstarter

    $22,000: clockwork hunstman + bonus Kobold knight (in full plate)
    $25,000: crimson drake (the drake will be pretty huge so he will be like 15m choices) + bonus kobold monk
    $28,000: Baba Yaga horseman
    $28,000 - Red Sun. He will cost 3 Type M Choices or +$12.
    $30,000 - White Day. He will cost 3 Type M Choices or +$12.
    $32,000 - Black Night. He will cost 3 Type M Choices or +$12.

    Currently at $21k and a bit.

    $90 will get the Aboleth and Drake along with 5 Kobolds if we reach the $25k mark to unlock the Drake.

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