Which Vallejo paints do i need to paint a warm night sky?
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Thread: Which Vallejo paints do i need to paint a warm night sky?

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    Default Which Vallejo paints do i need to paint a warm night sky?

    I´m in the midst of painting a dwarf banner.
    What i imagine is a pickaxe at a slight tilted angle held up towards a mountain range above is a warm night sky where in the middle can be seen an especially bright star.
    Now the problem is i would love to paint a night sky a little like this

    But i don´t know which colors to use other then black and perhaps Night Blue and Imperial Blue but other then that i just don´t know which to use.
    If anyone knows of a great toturial or just what colors to use i would be very grateful.

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    If you think about it, you're not going to find a tutorial that'll tell you which blues to use for this - it would have to be specifically about this image wouldn't it? Why not experiment with what you have and see how you get on? It's not especially hard, it's just a graduation of blues. And if don't get it right first time you can learn a lot from what doesn't work.

    You could paint this working either way but I'd start with a very dark blue (maybe mixed from black + a dark blue), then carefully layer on the lighter colours, starting dark and working towards the lightest blue at the horizon. As a final step you might like to try a light overall glaze of your basic darker blue, either of the two you mention.

    BTW, this perfectly illustrates the problem with 'colour temperature' terminology!


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    Well it doesn´t have to be those exact colors it more the style of the thing the sense of a warm night sky when i look at the picture it almost seems as if some purple tones where used.

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    Add a little purple to the darker mixes if you like how that looks, you can paint it any way that suits you; but in terms of basic method what I suggested above is how a lot of people would do something like this even if their colours were somewhat different.


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